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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第19集 第06期

但他没办法删除 but he couldn't have. 他当时正在听证席上作证 He was testifying on the stand at the time. 好吧... Okay... 所以 我想也许是吉妮瓦·派恩删的 So, um, then I thought it was maybe Geneva Pine, 但事实上她出城去参加检察官大会了 but actually she was out of town at a prosecutors convention. 朵拉 你快把果汁滴到沙发上了 Hey, Dora, you're about to spill juice on the couch. 对不起 怀利先生 你到底想说什么 I'm sorry, Mr. Wiley, what are you trying to say? 我要说的是 就我所查明的事实而言 Um, I'm saying from what I could ascertain, 普利马警探从未删除过邮件 Detective Prima never deleted the e-mail. 没人删除过 Uh, no one did. 这就说明了有人事后篡改了元数据 Which means that somebody altered the metadata 使得表面上看起来是普利马警探删除的 after the fact to make it look like he did. 我是说你递交了伪证 戴安 I'm saying you submitted false evidence, Diane. 愤怒 Angry. 长颈鹿杰拉尔德觉得很愤怒 Gerald Giraffe feels angry. 请你马上离开 怀利先生 I'll need you to leave now, Mr. Wiley. 你有没有什么要说的 我要结束报告了 If you have anything to say, I'm closing my report. 请你马上离开 怀利先生 I need you to leave, Mr. Wiley. 我们走吧 孩子们 Let's go, kids. 走吧 Come on. 走吧 伙计们 Come on, guys. 走吧 Come on. 走 蒂米 Come on, Timmy. 我们走 Let's go. 你伪造了证据吗 Did you fake evidence? 什么 What? 我递交给法庭的元数据 The metadata that I submitted in court. 证明普利马警探删除了那封邮件的证据 The evidence that said detective Prima deleted that e-mail. 是你篡改的吗 Did you alter it? 戴安 我们... Diane, let's... 到那边谈 in here. 我没想让你用它的 戴安 I never intended for you to use it, Diane. 我没把它给你 因为我找到了其他办法 I never gave it to you, because I found another way 来救凯里 但是当我到法院的时候 to save Cary, but by the time I got to court, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-06-19-6.html