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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第19集 第05期

你一定是帕里罗先生吧 You must be Mr. Parillo. 我是 I must be. 普拉迪先生会来吗 Is Mr. Prady coming? 不 No. 发生什么事了吗 Did something come up? 是啊 我不让他来 Yeah, I did. -我好像没明白 -我想你明白的 - I don't think I understand. - I think you do. 你想说服弗兰克别申请重新计票 You wanted to convince Frank not to ask for a recount. 这样做于他的利益不符 是吗 It's against his better interests, right? 但你没机会跟他谈了 But you're not dealing with him anymore, 你只能跟我谈 you're dealing with me now. 我没那么好骗 And I'm not so easily tricked. 让普拉迪先生打给我 如果他愿意的话 Okay, have Mr. Prady call me if he wants. 你会输的 女士 You will lose, ma'am. 因为我会向选举委员会证明 Because I'm gonna prove to the election panel 你选举舞弊了 that you stole this election. 走吧 继续走 Go ahead and walk away, 但你无法回避选举委员会 but you can't walk away from the election board. 谢谢你抽时间见我 戴安 Thanks for the time, Diane. 事实上 我快要完成我的报告了 Actually, I'm just about to finish my report, 但我需要最后来确认你的意见 and I needed one final comment from you. 当然 但我不确定我现在能帮上什么忙 Of course, but I'm not sure what I can add at this point. 长颈鹿杰拉尔德觉得很开心 Gerald Giraffe feels happy. -开心 -呃 你们能 - H-A-P-P-Y. Happy. - Hey, um, can you, can you just 等一会儿再玩这个吗 hold off on that for just a minute? 我也不确定 I-I'm not sure either, 但是 我注意到 but, um, it's come to my attention 你作为证据递交给法庭的元数据 that there's a problem with the metadata 似乎有点儿问题 that you submitted as evidence in court. 有什么问题 What kind of a problem? 难过 Sad... 长颈鹿杰拉尔德觉得很难受 Gerald Giraffe feels sad. 元数据显示 普利马警探删除了 The metadata indicates that Detective Prima deleted 来自加拿大当局的邮件 the e-mail from the Canadian authorities, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-06-19-5.html