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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第19集 第27期

我不想讨论这个问题 I don't want to talk about it. 为什么 Why not? 我去睡觉了 I'm going to bed. -晚安 -好吧 - Good night. - Okay. 我睡沙发 I'm sleeping on the couch. 好的 Yep. 我关心你 姐姐 I care about you, Sis. 我知道 I know. 你是我世界上最喜欢的人 You're my favorite person in the world. 新生力量对我很重要 New blood matters to me, 如你所知 在这个部门 and as you know, in this office, 我就是新生力量 I'm the new blood. 而在我之前的部门库克县州检办 Now, in my old office at Cook County State's Attorney, 有很多优秀的候选人 there are, I think, many fine candidates. 现任州检察官总体来说干得很不错 The current holder has done, I think, mostly a good job. 但是 我的幕僚长让我关注到 However, my chief of staff has brought my attention 一个新的竞争者 to a new contender. 实际上 他还帮助这位候选人征集签名 In fact, he's even helped to gather signatures for this candidate. 所以 本着扶持新生力量的精神 So, in the spirit of new blood, 我想把我的支持给予州检办 I would like to throw my support behind the newest candidate 最新的候选人 for the State's Attorney's Office, 他的名字是芬利·波尔马 and his name is Finley Polmar. 他在州检办工作六个月了 He has been with the State's Attorney for six months. 他来自纽约 He is from New York, 我觉得他把毕生的经验都带到这份工作中了 and I think he brings a lifetime of experience to the job. 谢谢 Thank you. 你好 Hello? 波尔马先生 伊莱·戈德 州长的幕僚长 Mr. Polmar, this is Eli Gold, Chief of Staff to the Governor. 你刚刚得到了他的支持 You've just gained his endorsement. 我想安排一个时间听一下你的竞选计划 I'd like to arrange a time to hear you campaign plan. 全体起立 All rise! 谢谢 Thank you. 在预审过程中 During the preliminary hearing, 公诉方的证据要求门槛很低 the prosecution's evidentiary threshold 是有充分理由的 is fairly low for a very good reason: 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-05-19-27.html