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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第19集 第26期

¥去除¥让她变得很有魅力 Makes her quite attractive. 是蕾娜塔做的 还是你做的 Did Renata do it, or did you? 这就很无礼了 Now that's just rude. 我们为什么不让法官判断呢 Why don't we let the judge decide? 然后我们再聊 Then we can talk. 你还好吗 You okay? 为什么这么问 Am I okay? 威尔 Will? 我很好 I am. 我很遗憾 I'm sorry. 我知道 I know. 我也是 Me, too. 他让我发笑 He made me laugh. 我不想再流泪了 欧文 所以别提了 I don't want to cry anymore, Owen, so let's not. 好的 Yep. 等等 你们现在是比尔和希拉里的关系吗 Wait, so... you're Bill and Hillary now? 扎克是在危言耸听 Zach's being melodramatic. 那到底是什么意思 比尔和希拉里 Well, what does that mean, exactly, Bill and Hillary? 意味着我们是夫妻 It means we're married. 我们保持着婚姻关系 We stay married... 但这就是全部了 but that's it. 他做他想做的事 你做你想做的事吗 He does what he wants, you do what you want? 他本来就随心所欲 Well, he does what he wants anyway. 有意思 Interesting. 我以为你会高兴呢 I thought you'd be happy. 你高兴我就高兴 I'm happy if you're happy. 这是个决定 我喜欢做决定 It's a decision. I like decisions. 如果你想要 And if you were to... 怎么说呢 和人约会 I don't know, meet someone else, 那要怎么办 how would that work? 这与此无关 That's really not what this is about. 那这是关于什么 What is this about? 我不知道 I don't know. 坐在这儿 喝我的酒 Sitting here, drinking my wine, 工作 给孩子做晚餐 working, making dinner for the kids. 天哪 简直就是幻世浮生的剧情 Oh, God, it's like Mildred Pierce. 我们得给你找个人上床 We need to get you laid. 够了 这段对话结束了 Okay, this conversation's over. 什么 为什么 怎么了 回来啊 What? Why? What's wrong? Come back. 不 我去厨房了 Nope. I'm going in the kitchen. 艾丽西娅 Alicia... 彼得跟人上床 你也应该跟人上床 Peter is getting laid; you should get laid, too. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-05-19-26.html