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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第21集 第03期

48小时的最后期限实在太突然了 It-it was just such a surprise to be given a 48-hour deadline. 不...好意思 I'm... sorry. 我们这是... Uh, what are we...? 你能告诉我这是怎么回事吗 Could you tell me what we're talking about? 好的 Oh, uh, yes. 我们为软件开发公司布罗拓切公司 We're coders working for Blowtorch, 写程序 the software developer. 夏琳 弗兰克 还有我 Charlene, Frank, myself... 弗兰克? Frank? 亡者 The deceased? 抱歉 是 I'm sorry, yes. 这周我们18小时轮班 We've had 18-hour shifts this week 要搞定一个新软件 to get done some new software, 弗兰克当时正驾车回家 要为夏琳庆生 and Frank was driving home for Charlene's birthday 结果他驾驶途中睡着了 and he fell asleep at the wheel. 我的天 很遗憾 Oh, my God, I'm sorry. 谢谢 所以这份合同才让我们如此为难 Thank you. So that's why this contract rankles so much. 它不保护超时工作 It doesn't protect us on overtime or number of hours, 还说我们不能提起诉讼 and it says we also can't file suit. 他们担心夏琳起诉 I think they're worried about Charlene suing... 该不该签这合同 他们想知道这个 Should they sign it or not-- that's what they want to know. 这... Well... 我能找到几份类似的合同 I can pull up some comparable contracts, 但我不该给什么建议 but I really shouldn't be advising... 力所能及就行了 Whatever you can do. 谢谢 Thank you. 谢谢 Thank you. 可惜没人需要免费数学咨询 It's too bad nobody needs free math work. 好的 Okay. 过渡时期尽量别置人于死地 Let's try not to kill anyone in the transition. 看来我要和神情严峻的民调专家开会了 Looks like I have a meeting with a very severe-looking pollster. 非常感谢 先生们 So I'm gonna thank you, gentlemen, 再见 and say good-bye. 嗨 马特 Hey, Matt. 你好 先生 最近好吗 Hello, sir. How are you? 挺好 好久不见 Good, it's been a while. 华盛顿那儿怎么样 How was D.C.? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-04-21-3.html