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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第21集 第02期

所以你就自己喊停 a long-term thing so you cut it off before 不让它长久发展下去 it could be a long-term thing. 妈妈来了 欧文 Uh-oh, there's Mom. Owen? 一个字都不许提 Don't say a word. 你们俩在这儿啊 There you are, you two. -你好 妈妈 -你好 - Hi, Mom. - Hi. -我到处找你们呢 -妈妈 - I've been looking for you everywhere. - Mom. 大家都在那儿 你们在这儿做什么 Everybody's in there-- what are you doing in here? 我们谁也不认识 We don't know anyone. 那是当然 所以我才要介绍你们 Of course you don't-- that's why I have to introduce you. 你和他有多熟 So, how do you know him? 亡者 The deceased. 不认识 从没见过他 Oh, I don't-- I never met him. 我认识的是他妻子夏琳 No, no, it's Charlene, the wife. 她是马尔科姆的侄女 You know, she's Malcolm's niece. 她人很好 她发型也超棒 She's a sweet one and she's got a great haircut. 跟我来你就知道了 Come on, you'll see. 她发型也超棒 She's got a great haircut. 彼得森女士 请节哀顺变 Ms. Peterson, I'm so sorry for your loss. 谢谢 请问你是 Thank you. And you're...? 欧文 维罗妮卡的儿子 Owen, Veronica's son. 他是个数学家 He's the mathematician. 这是我家那位律师 艾丽西娅 This is the lawyer, Alicia. 请节哀 彼得森女士 I'm so sorry, Ms. Peterson. 谢谢你们前来 Thank you for coming. 感谢你自告奋勇来帮忙 And thank you so much for offering to do this. 不客气 You're welcome. 我们不知道该找谁 We didn't know who to call. 尤金 这就是那位律师 Eugene, this is the lawyer. -你好 -你好 - Hi. - Hello. 抱歉我得失陪了 尤金也在那儿工作 Will you excuse me? Eugene works there, too. 再次感谢 And... thank you so much again. 我们非常感激你来帮忙 We're incredibly grateful for your help. 这是怎么回事 妈妈 What's this about, Mom? 你真是拨冗前来啊 艾丽西娅 You're so generous with your time, Alicia. 非常感谢 福瑞克太太 Thank you so much, Mrs. Florrick. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-04-21-2.html