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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第03季 第21集 第24期

身后还有路的时候就退出吧 Get out while you can. 就是不要干零售 Just don't go into retail. 在泰里·鲁尼死后一天 Four purchases, all on Terri Rooney's credit card 她的信用卡有4笔支出 the day after her death. 更重要的是 And more importantly, 这发生在派翠克·鲁尼被拘留后一天 the day after Patrick Rooney was in custody. 意味着派翠克极可能不是凶手 Meaning Rooney probably wasn't the killer. 你从没有见过这些吗 You never saw these? 你知道我要筛选多少证据吗 Do you have any idea how much evidence I had to sift through? -加上我还有很多其他的案子 -法官阁下 - Plus, I was carrying a dozen other cases... - Your Honor, 你没有回答我的问题 that is not an answer. 那时20年前的事 好吧 It was 20 years ago, okay? 我记不得了 I don't remember. 我不记得是否看到这个证据 I do not... recall seeing this evidence. 你过去要处理很多案子 You used to carry a big case load. 每件案子的每个证据都是你亲自检查的吗 Would you review every piece of evidence on every case? 那取决于我有多忙 That depended on how busy I was 那你怎么处理那些你没有检查的证据 So what would you do with the evidence you couldn't review? -转交给别人处理 -比如说你的搭档? - I'd farm it out. - To your co-counsel? 不能推给他 No. -我必须有底线 -真的吗 - I have to draw a line somewhere. - Really? 你决定把底线划在这儿? And this is where you choose to draw it? -是的 -公诉人的角色 蒙蔽了你的双眼 - Yes. - You had prosecutorial blinders on. 你看见被残害的女人的照片 You saw these photos of a mutilated wife, 你希望有人为此负责 被关进监狱 and you wanted to put someone away. 因此你只专注于对你的控诉有利的证据 That makes you focus on the evidence that helped, 忽视了不利于这个结论的证据 and ignore the evidence that hurt. 那我就认罪 Well, then... I'm guilty. 法官阁下 如果你把证据审核工作 Your Honor, if you farmed out the review 分配给劳埃德·布洛克 of this evidence to Lloyd Bullock 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-03-21-24.html