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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第03季 第21集 第23期

不好意思 霍华德 我要打个电话 Excuse me, Howard. I got to make a call. 我们应该在夏天到来前行动 I think we should make our move before the summer. 夏天会使人松懈 Summer's when things slow down. 懂吗 You know? 不懂 霍华德 I don't know, Howard. 我真的一头雾水 I really don't know. 当我什么都没跟你说过 Please just forget I said anything. 咱们回到不相往来的状态 行吗 拜托了 Can we just go back to us not talking? Please? 打扰你了 你是玛拉·斯托克斯吗 Excuse me. You, uh, Mara Stokes? 你是代表控方还是辩方的 You prosecution or defense? 你的意思是? I'm sorry? 当我得知奎斯特的头在砧板上时 When I heard that Cuesta's head was on the chopping block, 就知道控方或者辩方会来找他的调查员问话 I figured one of you would come looking his investigator up. 还有 这地方不太有你这种客人光顾 Plus, this place doesn't get too many customers like you. 那也许你能帮我这个忙 Then maybe you could help me. 奎斯特有没有为了将派翠克·鲁尼入罪而做越界的事 Did Cuesta bend the rules to get a conviction on Patrick Rooney? 单刀直入 Straight shooter. 我喜欢你的风格 I like your M.O. 我叫凯琳达 Kalinda. 好吧 凯琳达 Well, Kalinda, 理查德·奎斯特把他自己视为人民公仆 Richard Cuesta fancied himself a true public servant, 无论遇见什么困难 and he was gonna nail Patrick Rooney, 他都会摆平派翠克·鲁尼 come hell or high water. 那他遇见什么困难了吗 And did hell or high water ever come? 可能有 May have. 如果你像我一样的话 If you're like me, 你可以打开州检办的证据柜 对吗 you have access to the state's attorney evidence locker, right? 是的 Yeah. 有些东西 Well, there's something that never... quiet... 我相当不喜欢 sat right with me. -是什么 -你会找出答案的 - What is it? - Well, you'll find out. 谢谢 Thanks. 凯琳达 可以给你提个建议吗 Can I offer you a little life advice, Kalinda. 当然 Sure. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Wife-03-21-23.html