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傲骨之战(The Good Fight) 第02季 第05集 第27期

好的 那...你知道孩子的性别吗 Okay. A-And d-do you know the sex? 不知道 No. 你什么时候能知道性别 When-when will you know the sex? 我还没想好我想不想提前知道 I don't know if I want to know. 好吧 yeah. 你还好吗 你感觉怎么样 Are you all right? How are you feeling? 除了晨吐和吃不下东西 I have some morning sickness and some food issues, -就还好 -等等 - but other than that... - Wait a minute, 你刚去跟车行动了 you were just on a-a ride-along. 你不该这么做的 You shouldn't be doing that. 好吧 Okay. 再见 科林 Good-bye, Colin. 等等 What? Hold on. 你认真的吗 现在可是凌晨4点 Seriously. It's 4:00 in the morning. 你在干什么 What are you doing? 卢卡 Lucca. 你说得对 You're right. 我选莉兹做实习生是因为她姓雷迪克 I chose Liz for the internship because she was a Reddick. 我记得是这样的 That I remember. 阿德里安 没关系 Adrian, please, it's okay. 如果你想道歉 我原谅你了 If you want to apologize, you are forgiven. 内奥米 我想解释 Naomi, I'm trying to explain 这并不是你所想的那种偏见所致 it wasn't the bias that you thought. 是因为你想和名人上床 It was starfucking? 对 Yeah. 好的 Good. 好了 There. 肯定的答案 Absolution. 不是因为性别歧视 是你想和名人上床 Not sexual bias. Starfucking. 阿德里安 你能过来吗 Adrian, would you please join us? 好的 Yeah. 失陪了 Excuse me. 卡特 Carter. 《纳什维尔之夜》是什么 What's One Night in Nashville? 什么 Excuse me? 《纳什维尔之夜》 One Night in Nashville, 是一部浪漫喜剧 讲一个年轻律师 a romantic comedy about a young lawyer 一直梦想能签唱片合约 who dreams of a recording contract. -我不懂 -这和我们的案子没关系 - I don't understand this. - That has nothing to do with this. 事实上 有关系 Actually, it does. 你把这个发给了基普·邓宁 You sent it to Kip Dunning, 告诉他 他是主演的最佳人选 telling him he would be the perfect lead. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Fight-02-05-27.html