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傲骨之战(The Good Fight) 第02季 第05集 第26期

不考虑人性 They don't allow for the human element. 不是每个案子都有依据可循 Don't have a rule for every case. 谢谢你 警官 Thank you, Officer. 非常感谢 Thank you very much. 行了 All right. 妈 感觉如何 Mom, how we doing? 美极了 宝贝 just lovely, dear. 这里的人再好不过了 People here couldn't have been nicer. -从始至终五星级待遇 -那就好 - Five-star treatment all the way. - Good. 就是他 吉姆·内博斯 Oh, there he is. Jim Nabors. -行了 妈 回家吧 -晚安 - Okay, Ma, let's get you home. Come on. - Good night. 我来开车 I'll drive. -科林 -在 拿好… - Colin. - Yeah? Oh, uh, hold... 在外面等我 I'll meet you outside, all right? -我马上就到 -好 - I’ll be right there. - Okay. 话说…多谢了 Thanks again, by the way. -算我欠你的 -我怀孕了 - I owe you one. - I’m pregnant. 孩子是你的 And it's your baby. 什么 What? 我怀孕三个月了 I'm three months' pregnant. 不是想要你什么 And I'm not asking for anything. 只是觉得你应该知道 I just think you should know. 三个月 我们... Three months? W-We... 林德尔的案子之后 After the Rindell case. 林...就那一次 Rin... the one time? -是 -好吧 - Yes. - Yeah. 但你说你... But you were, you said you were... 不 我们没用...我当时说... No, we didn't and I said... 好吧 Okay. Right. 再强调一下 我是觉得你该知道 A-Again, I just thought you should know. 等等 Wait. W-W-Wait, wait. 等等 别走 Wait. Hold on. Wait. Just wait. 咱们... Okay, let's... 你该去找你母亲了 You should go to your mother. 什么 不 What? No. 科林 你人呢 Colin, where are you? 妈 给我一分钟 Okay, Ma, give me a minute. 告诉卢卡你们明天再聊 Oh, tell Lucca you'll talk to her tomorrow. 妈 稍等一下就好 Ma. Just need a minute. 那么... Okay, so... 你要把孩子生下来 ...you're gonna have the baby? -是的 -好吧 - Yes. - Right. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Good-Fight-02-05-26.html