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天赋异禀(The Gifted) 第01季 第09集 第06期

他们可以在顷刻间消灭一整栋大楼的人 They wiped out an entire building full of people in seconds. 太疯狂了 This is crazy. 这是我们的家族史 This is our family history. 看啊 这里写着 "据传 Look, it says here they're "rumored to be 他们是一个神秘国际组织的成员 part of a shadowy international organization 名为地狱火俱乐部" called the Hellfire Club." 上面有写他们后来怎么样了吗 Does it say what happened to them? 他们好像为了逃避X战警而消失了 I think they disappeared fleeing from the X-Men. 通缉 反人类罪 他们是史上最强大的变种人之一 They were some of the most powerful mutants ever. 是啊 Yeah. 还是大魔头 It also says they were monsters. -我是说... -我不在乎 - Well, I'm just saying... - I don't care. 上床吧 Go to bed. 有人吗 Hello? 马可斯 Marcos. 马可斯 怎么回事 Marcos! Marcos, what's happening? 马可斯 Marcos! 不 No. 不不 No, no, no... 不不不 No, no, no, no! 快点啊 Come on. 洛娜 Lorna. 只是个梦 Hey, hey, hey, it was just a dream. 宝宝 宝宝在特拉斯克 The baby... the baby's at Trask. 不 宝宝在这里呢 No. Hey, the baby's here. 宝宝没事的 Hey, the baby's fine. 马可斯 在我的梦里 特拉斯克夺走了宝宝 Marcos, in my dream, Trask had the baby. 我们得进入实验室 We have to get into that lab. -我们得救他们 -好 - We have... we have to help those people. - Yeah. 我们会的 We will. Hey. 我们会的 我保证 We will. I promise. 我保证 I promise. 他怎么样了 How's he doing? 医生说坎贝尔烧伤严重 但死不了 Docs said Campbell was burned pretty bad, but he'll live. 他说不想手术 Said he didn't want surgery. 他手下的变种人好像有办法 I guess his mutant has skills. 变种人地下组织会再次发动袭击 The Mutant Underground's gonna be looking to launch another attack-- 我们得召集一队人马 we got to put a team together. 拜托 没有具体情报 这种行动没法获批 Come on, be tough to sell an operation like that without specific intel.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Gifted-01-09-6.html