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天赋异禀(The Gifted) 第01季 第09集 第05期

我怎么能没事 How can I be "all right"? 或许埃斯梅说的对 Maybe Esme has a point. 但她只是吓坏了 But she's just a scared kid, 她根本不懂这意味着什么 who has no idea what she's talking about. 她说对了一件事 She was right about one thing. 脉冲 Pulse. 我丢下了他 I left him behind 他被他们抓去了那间实验室 and they took him to that lab. 这不怪你 小翰 That's not on you, Johnny. 继续这么自责对谁都没好处 And continuing to blame yourself is not doing anybody any good. 再说... Besides, d... 你不觉得奇怪吗 don't you think it's strange 她还知道脉冲 that she knew about Pulse? -她才刚来这里 -她是读心人 索尼娅 - I mean, she just got here. - She's a telepath, Sonya. 或许是从我这里感应到的 Maybe she picked it up off of me. 无论如何 It doesn't change the fact 我都抛下了朋友 that I gave up on my friend 结果他被他们变成了怪物 and they turned him into a monster. 我绝不会允许这种事再发生在别人身上 I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that happen to anybody else. 劳伦 Lauren. 你醒了吗 You awake? 嗯 Yeah. 我一直在想爸爸说的话 I can't stop thinking about what Dad said. 奥托爷爷... About Grandpa Otto being... 跟我们一样 like us. 不止是他 Not just him. 过来 看 Here, check this out. 我在图书馆发现的 I found this in the library. 你还知道这里的图书馆在哪 You know where the library is here? 你是谁啊 你把安迪怎么了 Who are you and what have you done with Andy? 看 这部分是二十世纪五十年代的 Look, this section's on the 1950s. 安德里亚和安德里亚斯·冯·斯特拉克 Andrea and Andreas von Strucker. 他们自称"芬利斯双子" They called themselves "Fenris"? 好像是某种语言中"狼"的意思 Yeah, I think it means "wolf" in some language. 天呐 My God. -他们干的 -嗯 - They did that- Yeah. 他们通过拉手而联合他们的能力 They combined powers by holding hands.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Gifted-01-09-5.html