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闪电侠(The Flash) 第04季 第06集 第24期

想想你说的那堆像《勇敢的心》的话好吧 What kind of rousing "Braveheart" Speech was that? -赶紧去把你衣服穿上 -能帮帮我吗 - Just put your thing on. - Wanna help me? -不 -真的很紧 - No. - It's really tight. 快点 Hurry up! 你好 美人 Hello, beautiful. 把项链摘下来 米娜 Put it down, Mina. 那是属于博物馆的财产 That belongs in a museum. 这就是博物馆 This is a museum. 我说完了才意识到是 I realized that after I said it. 确实 你们把它作为美国历史的 Yes. You keep it here as 一部分保存在这里 part of American history. 但我们不是历史 我们还活在世上 But we're not history. We are still here... 依然神圣 如同这条项链一样 still sacred, as is this necklace. 它得回归苏族人的手中 It's going back to the Sioux. 闪开 Get out of my way. 在你伤害了那么多人之后不可能了 米娜 Not after the people you've hurt, Mina. 也不会再让你伤害别人了 And you're not gonna hurt anyone else. 真的吗 Is that so? 别动 Don't move. 它们的视觉是基于物体运动的 Their vision is based on movement. 那部电影简直充满谎言 That movie is filled with lies! 现在有条霸王龙在追我们 We have a T. Rex. 里面出什么事了 What's going on in here? 别动 我逮到你了 Stop! I got you. 你准备怎么办 超级英雄 Whatcha gonna do, super hero? 看在杰夫·高布伦的份上 停手 For the love of Jeff Goldblum, stop! 你真是永远不打算停止追我了 对不对 You're really never going to stop chasing me, are you? 不 我并没有 No, I'm really not. 你知道在这里我可以让多少东西 Do you have any idea how many things 起死回生吗 I can bring to life in this place? 房顶上的石像怪 The gargoyles on the roof. 墙上的浮雕 The reliefs carved into the walls 以及承重柱 and support pillars. 苏族献祭碗 我可以在几秒钟内让这里 I can bring this whole place down -整个塌陷掉 -但你不会这样做 - in a matter of seconds. - But you won't, 因为这里有一件你比复仇 because there is one thing you care about来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Flash-04-06-24.html