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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第08集 第17期

有人一直不接电话 someone isn't answering his phone. 炸弹或制作炸弹的材料 ...if bombs or bomb-making materials 目前还没有在公寓中找到 were found in the apartment as of yet, 但我们有理由相信... but we do have reason to believe... 我见过他 I met him, 约翰·哈普林 John Harplen. 他住在防水布下 鞋都烂了 He was living under a tarp, shoes hanging off his feet. 我们同时还认为哈普林是独自行动 We also believe that Harplen was acting alone... 这样一个人怎么负担得起两万美元的 How does a man like that afford a 20 grand's-worth 军事级别硬件 of military-grade hardware? 你是说他是替死鬼吗 Are you saying he's a patsy? 我说这事还没结束 I'm saying this isn't over. 你觉得会影响转卖吗 You think it'll hurt the resale? 需要我帮忙吗 Can I help you? 不用 我就是在纠结 No, it's just hard to figure out 要拿什么留什么 what to take and what to leave. 亨瑞说我们可以把剩下的交给搬家公司 Henry says we could send a moving company for the rest, 但我们将来就会是逃犯 but we're gonna be fugitives, 想想还挺搞笑的 so that's laughable. 你可以留下来抗争啊 You could always stay and fight it. 我肯定你能找到哪个陪审团成员 I'm sure you could find one member of a jury 是相信魔鬼附身的 who believes in demonic possession. 抱歉 Sorry. 玩笑开早了 Too soon. 一切都太疯狂了 It just seems crazy 我又一次要离开我的生活 that I'm walking away from my whole life, again. 但这一次你和家人在一起 亲爱的 But this time you have your family with you, honey. 你还有我 You have me. 当然 他们说我们可以一起绣十字绣枕头 Sure. We could cross-stitch pillows together that say, "妈妈 女孩的好朋友" "Mom, a girl's best friend." 我知道这还很陌生 小蕾 Look, I know this is still new, Rags, 或是我们可以一起 Or we could burn our mouths on this soup 喝咱俩亲手煲的汤 烫到嘴巴 that you and I make from scratch. 我也知道咱们之间还没建立起信任 And I know that we have to build up trust, -但只要你... -同时凯茜和小凯 - but if you ju... - While Casey and-and Kat 准备延续她们恶心的麦克尼尔基因 prepare to pass along their rancid MacNeil genes. 好吧 Fine. 当我什么都没说 Forget I said anything. 我会忘掉你跟我说的所有话 I am gonna forget everything that you ever said to me. 你个小臭蛋 You little stinkpot. 是你 You. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Exorcist-01-08-17.html