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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第08集 第16期

还真没礼貌 Well, that's rude. 你知道我是谁吧 You do know who I am, yeah? 毕竟你进过我的家 I mean, you've been in my house, in... 上过我的床 in my bed. 是的 我知道 Yes, I know. 我回到家他就在那 I came home and he was just there. 没事的 It's okay. 所以 So, 你和我妻子睡过多少次了 how many times did you sleep with my wife? 这重要吗 Does it matter? 你知道 她总是谈起你 You know, she always used to talk about you. "他真是个好人 "He's such a nice guy. "我们只是朋友 "Oh, we're just friends. "他大概和其他人一样是个基佬" He's probably homosexual just like the others." 她把你藏得很好 She hid you good. 你也在藏着 藏在那白色牧师领后 You hide too, behind that little white collar. 那么 So, 现在是谁在藏着了 who's hiding now? 离他远点 Leave him alone. -你想打我吗 -我只是在告诉你 - You want to hit me? - I'm just telling you, 我就站在这 I'm right here. 你想让我成为那个 You want me to be the guy 在教堂打牧师的人吗 who beats up a priest in church? 我就站在这里 I am right here. 不 No. 不 我不会那么做 No, what I'm gonna do is 我要给你老板打个电话 或是主教 I'm going to make a call to your boss, or bishop, 不管哪个谁 我要看看他对 or whatever the hell he is, and I'm gonna see how he feels 牧师犯下通奸行为怎么想 about the whole priest committing adultery thing. 要我猜 他不会太高兴 My guess, not too happy. 真抱歉 I'm sorry. 我绝没有... I never... 绝没有想过要造成任何... never meant for any... 我会解决这事的 I'll take care of this. 我保证 I promise. 当地警局目前没有回答任何问题 Now, local police are not answering questions at the moment, 埃济沃特发现刺客老巢 但邻居说哈普林先生比较低调 but neighbors say Mr. Harplen was a bit of a recluse. 他在公寓里住了 He lived in the apartment 有一个多月 for a little over a month... 该死 班内特是对的 Be damned, Bennett was right. 他一开始不就挺讨人厌的 Like he wasn't insufferable to begin with. 说起来 Speaking of, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Exorcist-01-08-16.html