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堕落街传奇(The Deuce) 第01季 第02集 第27期

你妻子是妓女 Your wife's a fucking whore. 这对整个家庭是个打击 Yeah, that's a heartbreak to the whole family, 但我现在就交保释金 but I'll post her bail right here, right now. 要不我把你也抓了怎么样 How about I take you in, too? 无意冒犯 No offense. 误会而已 Just a misunderstanding. 我能问问是那个辖区的吗 我好走正规渠道保释 Can I ask what precinct so I can post in a rightful manner? -15 -15 好的 - 1-5. - The 1-5, right. 还有个事 Yeah, and there's just one more thing. 黑鬼 Nigger-- 你为什么要这么做 Why would you do that? 因为条子不会不准备后备车 'Cause the pigs do not set a sting like that 就展开诱捕行动 without a backup cage car waiting to cart your ass off, 但我一辆都没看到 and I ain't seen any. 而且根本没有15分局 And 'cause there ain't no 1-5 Precinct. -拜托 -因为我这辈子都没见过 - Please. - 'Cause I ain't never seen a cop 穿顶级Stacy Adams衣服的警察 wearing top-dollar Stacy Adams like his in my life. -他们没那么有钱 他的徽章呢 -拜托 - They're too fucking cheap. Where's his badge- Please. 求你了 CC 把他弄下去 拜托 Please, C.C., get him off of me, please. 看到没 这就是个廉价的破徽章 SeeThis some box top Deputy Dawg bullshit. -拜托 -这个 - Please... - Yeah, this? 这才是他本人 This the real McCoy. 我该教你这个的 怪我 Yeah, yeah. I should've schooled you on that, and that's on me. 看看这里有什么 Let's see what we got here, huh? 看 Right there. 记住我说了什么吗 Remember what I said? 我们没在杜鲁斯了 多萝西 We ain't in Duluth no more, Dorothy. CC 拜托 把他弄下去 C.C., please, get this man off of me. 今晚你经历了破事 毋庸置疑 Now, you been through some shit here this evening, no doubt. 但对你来说 应该怎么做最好 But the best thing for you right now? 就跟从自行车上摔下来一样 你得重新爬上去 Just like falling off a bike, you gotta get right back on.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Deuce-01-02-27.html