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堕落街传奇(The Deuce) 第01季 第02集 第26期

-我知道 -暂停幻想 - I know. - Suspends the illusion. -抱歉 -继续 - Sorry. - Okay, keep going. 我们在拍电影 We're burning film. 好的 Okay. 停下 小心我头发 Stop! Watch my hair. 抱歉 Oh, I'm sorry. 不 手肘 No. Elbow. 有什么需要帮助的吗 Can I help you with something? 我能看本书吗 Can I check out a book? 你有卡吗 Do you have a card? 你得填表 You need to fill out a form. 你有具体想找的书吗 Are you looking for anything specific? 嗯 Yeah. 别眯眼看 你要表现出喜欢维京人精液 Don't squint. You're supposed to love Viking cum. 维京人精液是不错 但冷的土豆汁很恶心 Viking cum's okay. Cold potato soup sucks. 要不是闪电一号和二号提前射了 If Speedy One and Two here hadn't blown their loads, 你脸上喷的就是真精液了 you'd be splooged with the real thing. 别说话 特雷西 And don't talk, Tracey. 抱歉 忘了 Sorry, forgot. 你的钱 Here's your money. 谢谢 Yeah. Thanks. 没事 Sure. 这个为什么一面是银色一面是白色 Why is one side silver and one side white? 银色能让你更亮 白色能减弱光线 Aluminum gives you more light, white gives you a softer glow. 这个是什么 And what's this one? 基本灯光 这是你主要的光线来源 The key lightThat's your main light source. 那个是什么 Yeah, and what's that? 补充光 遮住你的影子 The fill light. Hides your shadows. 娜奥米 Hey, Naomi! 这个影片会有多长 So, how long is this movie gonna be? -九小时 -八分钟 - Nine hours- Try eight minutes. -什么 我们拍了一整天 -才刚开始而已 - WhatWe've been here all day. - We're just getting started. 还有很多新人加入 We got a bunch of fresh meat coming in. -随时可能到 -娜奥米 - Be here any minute. - Eric: Naomi! 打扰下 警官 Excuse me, Officer. 打扰下 警官 Excuse me, Officer. Officer. -退后 -好的 - Step off. - No, right. 但那是我妻子 Right, but that's my wife you got there, 肯定有什么误会 so there must be some kind of mistake.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Deuce-01-02-26.html