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生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory) 第11季 第12集 第04期

-如果我能用超级英雄来比喻 -不能 - If I may use a superhero analogy... - You may not. 行 那我用真人 Okay, I'll use real people. 如果我们需要狗般忠心之人 Um, if a certain dog-like loyalty is useful, 那莱纳德就是最佳人选 then it's Leonard, hmm? 如果需要在糖果盒里 If, uh, having a PEZ dispenser 装满抗胃酸咀嚼片 那沃罗威茨胜出 filled with TUMS is an advantage, Wolowitz, yeah. 如果伴郎的卡车必须要有 If a best man with fake testicles hanging 假阴囊吊在后面 from his truck is important, 那我哥哥就又能进入候选名单了 well, then, my brother's back in the running. 好吧 我懂你的意思了 Okay, I see your point. 所以我们把每个职责 So we break down each of the roles 需要负责的项目拆分开来 into their component parts, 然后为它们设计专门的测量项目 and then design specialized tests for each. 正是如此 妈呀 Exactly. Boy, 要是我以前知道婚礼能有那么多科学 if I had known getting married was going to involve so much science, 我早就跟你求婚了 I'd have proposed years ago. 莱纳德 跟大家说说你的新鲜事 So Leonard, tell everyone your news. 我开始了一本书 Oh, oh, I'm starting a book. 看书对佩妮来说才是大事吧 That would be big news from Penny, 但你以前应该已经读过书了啊 but you've read a book before. 他的意思是写书 He means he's writing a book. 是啊 这件事我想做很久了 I do. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time. 是在讲一个很聪明的物理学家 Yeah. It's about a brilliant physicist 用科学破案 who solves CRImes using science. 莱纳德... Oh, Leonard... 不是在写你 It's not about you. 估计是怕侵权才这么说 He probably has to say that for legal reasons. 它们给成了白饭而不是炒饭 They gave us plain rice instead of fried rice. 这怎么可以 Well, no fair! 我今早才骑了健身脚踏车 I SoulCycled this morning. 一碗油腻腻的饭是我应得的 I'm entitled to a pile of fat rice. 要我说 这算是餐饮出状况啊 Well, I would say that this constitutes a catering CRIsis.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Big-Bang-Theory-11-12-4.html