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生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory) 第11季 第12集 第03期

有人把前门也做了婴儿保护措施 Someone baby-proofed the front door. 谢尔顿 我伴娘的事该怎么办啊 Sheldon, what am I gonna do about my maid of honor? 伯纳黛特还给了我那么多婚礼杂志 I mean, Bernadette gave me all these bridal magazines. 她还把有好看礼服的页面折了角 She even folded down the pages with the good dresses. 我懂 I get it. 莱纳德也曾借过我的《艾德蒙科学玩意》目录 You know, Leonard once borrowed my Edmund Scientific catalogue 还给一些页面折了角 and dog-eared some pages. 再也没折回去过 Never got 'em straight again. 这两件事还"差不多"啊 Well, that is exactly the same thing. 你"完全理解"我的困难呢 You really understand my dilemma. 其实我还真了解 Actually, I do. 我妈妈想要我让我哥 My mother is pushing for my brother, 小乔治来当我的伴郎 Georgie, to be my best man, 我不愿意 但也不想再拒绝她 and I hate to disappoint her again. 我已经拒绝了她的救主 以及领英网邀请了 I already rejected her savior and her LinkedIn invitation. 我们怎么样才能做出 How are we gonna make these decisions 不让任何人不开心的决定呢 without anybody getting upset? 如果我们把私人感情抛开 Well, what if we take emotion out of the process, 而是用实验表现来打分呢 and base it on empirical metrics? 这样做决定的不会是我们 {\fn方正综艺_utf-8\fs14\b0\c 而是数据 the data is. 所以我们可以不为 So we can hurt our friends' feelings 伤朋友们的心负任何责任吗 without taking any responsibility? 老娘喜欢 Me likey. 但是我们怎么才能把客观的测量 But how do we apply quantitative metrics 用在选择婚宴这种主观的事情上呢 to something as subjective as choosing a wedding party? 那个决定只是看似主观而已 That decision only seems subjective. 但实际上 In reality, 婚宴上的人都有着十分明确的功用 people in a wedding party perform very specific functions, 而某些人的发挥就是会比别人强 and some will perform those better than others.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/The-Big-Bang-Theory-11-12-3.html