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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第10集 第15期

尼科 都结束了 Nico, it's over. 地检官告诉我他会重审丹尼的案子 The DA told me - he's reopening Danny's case. 哪个地检官 Which DA? 汤姆·普莱斯啊 还能有谁 Tom Price, who do you think? 还有 我找到塞丽娜了 and I-I-I have Serena. 她很安全 和我在一起 She's safe. She's with me. 妈 等...等一下 Mom, ho-- hold on one second. 劳拉 Laura, hey! -过来 -怎么了 - Come here! - What? -什么事 -我妈找到塞丽娜了 - WhatWhat is it- My mom has Serena. 什么 What? 妈 你怎么和汤姆·普莱斯联系的 Mom, how did you talk to Tom Price? 没有讲话 发短信的 Not talk, texted. 妈 地检官已经死了 Mom, the DA's dead. 杀害他的凶手拿走了他的手机 The people that killed him have his phone. 你告诉他们你在哪了吗 Did you tell him where you are? 你告诉他们塞丽娜在哪了吗 Did you tell them where Serena is? 告诉了 Yes. 妈 你在哪里 Where are you, Mom? 一号公路边上的一条防火道 On a fire road off Route 1, 靠近回声瀑布 near Echo Falls. -尼科 -你必须马上离开 - Nico... - Okay, you have to get out of there right now, 要快 知道吗 really fast, okay? 沿着防火道走 Stay on the fire road. 不要去公路上 Don't go to the highway. 我会用你的手机定位 I'm going to track you with your phone. 现在就走 Go! Now! 天啊 Oh, God. 姑娘们 去车里 Girls, get in the car. 我们要走了 We're leaving. 那我爸爸要怎么找到我 How's my dad supposed to find us? 我们一到地方就给他打电话 We'll call him when we get to where we're going, 但我们现在必须走了 but we have to leave right away. 回声瀑布所在的山的另一面 The other side of the hill from Echo Falls 就是黑松林湾 is Black Pine Cove. 还来得及 It's not too late. 我们二十分钟内就能跟她们接上头 W-W-We can meet up with them in 20 minutes. 我不去 Not me. 就你 You. 你说什么呢 What are you talking about? 我必须进去 我能救丹尼 I have to go in there. I can save Danny.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Somewhere-Between-01-10-15.html