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神的礼物(Somewhere Between) 第01季 第10集 第14期

洛根带她走了 Logan took her. 科琳 救我 Colleen, please! 妈妈 不要接这电话 Let's not answer that. 她也许已经知道我们的下落了 She may figure out where we are. 洛根 打给我 Logan, call me. 科琳 找人救我 Colleen, get me some help! 汤姆的新短信 你在哪 重审丹尼的案子 我就告诉你 发照片证明 格蕾丝·杰克森 地点 好 Okay. 好的 待在那别走 找到我爸的电话号码没 Get my dad's number yet? 他正在赶来 He's on his way. 他正在路上 He's coming. 好 Okay. 科琳 我要流血而死了 Colleen, I'm gonna bleed to death here! 等我儿子彻底安全了 When my son is completely and permanently safe, 我就找人救你 I'll send for help. 节子 Setsuko. 我需要市中心直升机场的那架直升机 I need the chopper - at the downtown heliport. 越快越好 As soon as possible. 怎么了 What's the problem? 出来 Get out. 出来 Get out! 加州监狱 三支药剂里的第一剂 The first of the three drugs in the trio -能让受刑人免受痛苦 -亚伦 - guarantees absence of pain... - Aaron. -其余的药剂将使受刑人死亡 -劳拉 - as the remaining drugs take effect. - Laura! 那里面有屏幕吗 电视屏幕 Is there a screen in thereA TV? 那是董事会会议室 有屏幕 It's the board room, yeah, so there's a screen. -发生什么了 -我们要进去 - What's going on- We're going in. 他进不去的 安检非常严 You won't get him in there -- Security's off the charts. 没有证件不可能进去 Without credentials, there's no way. 你要干什么 What are you gonna do? 震惊全世界 Blow up the world. 有空去见你兄弟吗 Is there time to see your brother? 他已经在走程序了 但我知道我们还会再见的 He's already in the works, but I know I'll see him again. 你怎么知道 How? 因为他的命运掌握在你的手中 Because his fate's in your hands. 妈 Hey, Ma. 我们快成功了 We're close. 劳拉现在正准备去... Laura's going in right now to --来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Somewhere-Between-01-10-14.html