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海豹突击队(SEAL Team) 第01季 第08集 第07期

巴基斯坦情报局 is not gonna set you up. 但现在情况就是这样了 But that's out of our hands right now. 底线是... The bottom line is... 国务卿点名要我们上 is that the secretary asked for us by name 因为他相信我们能办成这事 because he believed that we can pull it off. 那我们必须证明他是对的了 Well, I guess we'll just have to prove him right. 海豹突击队 第一季 第八集 正如布莱克本少校提到的 As Lieutenant Commander Blackburn mentioned, 开伯尔当局是世界上 the Khyber Agency is one of the most 最危险的地区之一 dangerous regions on Earth. 塔利班和卡迪尔势力广泛 Large networks of Taliban and AQ. 伊斯兰国势力不多 Not much IS presence. 是了 Well, there's that. 我不是说他们是要伏击我们 I'm not saying they're setting us up for an ambush, -但是如果他们要这么做的话 -对 - but if they were... - Yeah, 他们占据了有利形势 they got the deck stacked in their favor. 有办法破吗 Any idea how to unstack it? 他们知道我们有夜视镜 所以他们不可能 Well, they know about our night vision, so there's no way 让我们在晚上进行交换 they're gonna let us make the trade in the dark. 是的 他们要求必须在白天 Yeah, they insisted on daylight. -失陪一下 -好的 - Excuse me for one moment. - Okay. -现在怎么办 -你好 长官 - Now what- Yes, sir? 我们可以把三个坏人 We could leave them three bad guys 以及加纳留在那里 and Garner right where they are 让他们自生自灭 and let 'em all rot. 这也是一个办法 Sayin' it's another way to go. 好了 这些是你们要 Okay, these are the detainees 押送到巴基斯坦的囚犯 you'll be escorting to Pakistan. 法亚兹·萨基卜 塔利班高级指挥官 Fayaz Saqib, Senior Taliban Commander. 阿米尔·哈克 52岁 Amir Haq, 52. 他在2003年被捕之前 Chief of Intelligence for the Taliban 是塔利班的情报总监 until his capture in 2003. 奥马尔·马利克 Omar Malik. 一个塔利班基地组织的头目 Leader of a Taliban AQ cell.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/SEAL-Team-01-08-7.html