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海豹突击队(SEAL Team) 第01季 第08集 第06期

不光是部落 还是巴基斯坦部落 That's not just the Tribals, that's the Pakistani Tribals. 巴基斯坦情报方提议的 Well, Pakistani Intelligence, they brokered the deal. 不好意思 我们现在要信任 I'm sorry, but are we supposed to trust 巴基斯坦三军情报局了吗 the Pakistani ISI now? -他们比我们还神出鬼没 -对 - Their spooks are even shadier than ours. - Right. -无意冒犯 -上头认为三军情报局 - No offense. - Brass decided that ISI 是我们接触塔利班的最佳渠道了 were our best go-between with the Taliban. 三军情报局就是塔利班 ISI is the Taliban. -我觉得言重了 -不至于 - I think that's overstating. - Not by much. 你记不记得去年 一帮特种兵 You remember last year, a bunch of Rangers 因为追一个塔利班金主伤得不轻 got torn up going after a Taliban financier? 有证据说是三军情报局把他们引到埋伏里的 There's some evidence ISI walked them into an ambush. 真不赖 Oh, delightful. 那巴基斯坦军方呢 Okay, look, what about the Pakistani army? 三军情报局不想让他们参与 ISI wants us to keep them out of the loop. 说军方有太多塔利班卧底 Says the army has too many Taliban sleepers. 所以巴基斯坦情报 So the Pakistani Intelligence 指责巴基斯坦军方 is accusing the Pakistani army of having 有太多卧底潜伏在塔利班 too many Taliban sleepers? 公平地说 塔利班和三军情报局 Uh, to be fair, the Taliban and the ISI 其实没有潜伏 aren't exactly sleeping. 你们达成了巨大一致 Y'all cut one hell of a deal. 好吧 听着 All right, look, 很显然上头非常希望 apparently the brass want this prisoner swap 这名囚犯能成功交换 to happen bad enough that they agreed 所以同意了一些必要请求 to do whatever they had to. 我知道这安排很糟糕 Now, I know the setup sucks-- 把你扔到世界上最危险的地方 puts you undermanned in one of the most 又不给你配齐人手 dangerous spots on Earth, 被迫让我们信任不会陷害你们的 forces us to trust the Pakistani Intelligence来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/SEAL-Team-01-08-6.html