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104号房间(Room 104) 第01季 第03集 第07期

我们走过胶合板做的一座小桥 We walk over this little bridge made of plywood, 有间小屋在桥的那一边 and there's a little shack right there on the other side. 小屋的墙面靠下有一些洞 And there's all these little holes drilled in it down low, 圆滑的小洞 perfect little holes. 赫尔曼说 "就是这儿 And Herman says, "Right there. "这些是诺坎度洞 "Those are knockando holes. "鸟是从这里出来的" "That's where they come out." 我感觉有些不对劲 And something feels off. 苍蝇在周围嗡嗡地飞 There's flies buzzing all around 有种味道闻起来 and something that smells kind of like... 像臭鸡蛋 rotten eggs. 我想回去了 I wanna turn back. 但赫尔曼说 But Herman says... "我们都走了那么远了 "We walked all the way out here. "我两秒钟 "It'll just take one second "就能赶出一只鸟来了 "for me to flush out one of these birds. "相信我 你绝对从来没见过" "Believe me, it's like nothing you never seen." 然后他就跑进了屋子开始敲墙 So he goes right inside and starts banging on the wall 一边说道"走近点 黛比 and saying, "Come close, Debbie. "有一只要飞出来了" "One of 'em's about to fly out." 我能看到洞里面有什么在动 I can see something moving around inside. 然后有一个洞里 And right through one of those holes... 突然伸出了赫尔曼的小鸡鸡 pops Herman's little penis. 就这样 突然出现了 Just like that, pop. 然后他说"诺坎度 诺坎度 And he's saying, "Knockando, knockando. 玩玩它" Give it a tickle." 但是我妈妈不喜欢男孩子 But my mom, she didn't want any boys 这样逗弄我 她告诉我 fooling around with me like that, and she told me, "要是有男孩子敢在你面前套出小鸡鸡 "Any boy ever take his pecker out around you, 你就打" 所以我什么都没想 you just hit it," So without even thinking, 捡起一块石头 砸向了他的鸡鸡 I pick up a rock, and I just smashed his pecker! 他尖叫起来 He screams.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Room-104-01-03-7.html