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104号房间(Room 104) 第01季 第03集 第06期

静静地吃着 and kept eating in silence. -我 -很好 很好 - I-- - Good. Good. 退出来 然后看另一扇窗 Now go back and look for a different window. 仔细看 Look at it closely. 真的是条狗吗 还是别的东西 Is it really a dog, or is it something else? 是的 Yeah. 就是条狗 Yeah, it's just a dog. 好的吧 Okay, then. 这是不是行不通 It's not working, is it? 仔细看 Look hard. 有没有看到什么超自然的现象 Tell me, do you see anything supernatural? 你的过去有没有什么 Is there something in your past 无法用正常逻辑解释的东西 that you can't logically explain, 比如鬼或者妖怪之类的 like ghosts or the bogeyman or something? 算是有吧 Well, sort of. 有一次我像是受了伤 There's this one time when I kind of got hurt-- 但又好像没有 只不过是 or not hurt but kind of messed around with 被个魔术师耍了 by a magician. 很好 Okay, good. 说说看 Tell me about that. 我在学校 下课铃刚响 I'm at school, and the bell's just rung, 我放学走路回家 and I'm walking home. 你一个人吗 Are you alone? 不是 No. 我的朋友赫尔曼和我在一起 No, my friend Herman's with me. 他走在我旁边说道 He's walking alongside me and he says, "黛比 跟我一起进树林 "Debbie, come with me into the woods. "让你见识一下诺坎度鸟" "I'm gonna show you the knockando bird." -诺坎度是什么鸟 -我也这么问赫尔曼 - What's a knockando bird? - That's what I asked Herman. 他说是一种有趣的小鸟 And he says it's this funny little bird 会把自己的羽毛粘在头上 that mushes its feathers up on its head 像一顶圆礼帽一样 like a little top hat. 我说"不可能 我不信" And I say, "No way, I don't believe you." 然后他说"那你跟我来 我带你看" And he says, "Well, then, come with me and I'll show you. 就在树林里面一点 It's just right back there in the woods a little bit." 你跟他去了吗 Did you go with him? 去了 Yeah.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Room-104-01-03-6.html