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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第09季 第09集 第01期

准备好露营之旅了吗 Ready for your big camping trip? 你确定需要的东西都准备好了吗 You sure you got everything you need? 除了一样没了我就会真正迷失的... Everything but the one thing I'd truly be lost without... 你的凯美瑞 Your Camry. 我的导航坏了 My GPS is broken. 我们可以换车吗 Can we trade cars? 我最近离开了我的房地产公司 I recently left my real-estate partners 开始自主创业 to strike out on my own. 但在开始面对疯狂的房屋市场之前 But before facing the wilds of the housing market, 我要先在优胜美地国家公园 I'm gonna boost my confidence 露营六个晚上 然后在川汤小屋度过一晚 with six rugged nights of camping at Yosemite National Park 来提振我的信心 and one at the Kawayu Lodge. 当然了 我也担心 I'm concerned, of course, 重新适应现代文明会有困难 about readjusting to civilization, 所以预定了花园套房 so I've reserved the garden suite 以防我更习惯睡在户外 in case I'm more comfortable sleeping outside. 因为我能想象到自己 Only because I am picturing myself 与大队人马举着手电筒在森林里找人的画面 in a line of people sweeping the woods with flashlights, 你确定在树林里待一周没问题吗 are you sure a week in the woods is a good idea? 亲爱的 要说有问题 那大概是准备过头了 Sweetheart, if anything, I'm over prepared. 我准备了两周的食物 I have two weeks worth of food, 净水器 water purifiers... 信号枪 a flare gun. 别在屋里挥那玩意儿 Oh, don't wave that thing around in the house. 给我一点信任好不好 Give me a little bit of credit. 我又不会在屋里开信号枪 I'm not gonna shoot off a flare gun in the house. 摩登家庭 第九季 第九集 莉莉 图书馆发短信说 Hey, Lily, the library is saying 《斑斑独角斑马》 that "Stripey the Zebracorn" 已经拖欠两个月没还了 is two months overdue? 这...这是什么情况 What -- what's that about? 图书馆新来了个管理员 We have a new librarian, 她有点... and she's a little...来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Modern-Family-09-09-1.html