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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第09季 第08集 第18期

前提是你下得起馆子 if you can afford it -- 到时候你就得礼貌对待陌生粉丝 then you're gonna be nice to strangers, 因为这才是正确的待粉之道 懂了吗 because that's the right thing to do, okay? 抱歉 我不是有意要打扰 Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt. 但我看到刚才发生的事了 我为你感到遗憾 But I saw what happened before, and I'm sorry about that. 但你挺身而出 去训了那贱人一顿 But the way you stood up to that jerk Anvilmaker 真的是大快人心 was kind of amazing, yeah. 为你点赞 Good for you. 小兄弟听我说 And young man, listen -- 希望这能安慰到你 if this makes you feel any better, 其实他也那么对待我过 he did the same thing to me. ?Oh. 谢谢您的一番美言 That's very nice of you to say. 十分感谢您的鼓励 Thank you so much. So... 其实呢... 我也写作 You know, I, uh... I write. 要命 Oh, boy. ? 我不是那种... 那种... No, it's not like I'm just some, you know, some -- 过去一下 那种... excuse me -- some -- 那种乱吹牛逼的老滑头 you know, just some city slicker who -- 毛都不懂就胡吹乱盖 who doesn't know what he's talking about. 但如果我能传授你一招 But, uh... if I could teach you one thing, 就这一招 如果你能学会 just one thing that you learn from this, 你的剧就能够变得活灵活现 it'll make your plays sound and look marvelous. 知道了吗 You know? 所以最重要的一件事就是... So, the most important thing is to -- 认识到创作其实就是改写 is to know that writing is really re-writing. 这句箴言你最好写下来 You may want to jot that down. 然后再"修改" Uh... And then change it. 听出我这句话的哏了吗 Did you see what I did there? 抱歉 我们真的有事得先走了 You know what? We really need to be somewhere right now. -对啊 别迟到了 -好的 - Yeah, we better go. - Okay. -是啊 -没事 - Yeah. - All right. 谢谢你 Okay, thank you. 真的对不起 我之前没意识到我们多烦人 I'm sorry, we didn't realize we were so annoying. 是我们不对 Our bad. 祝下笔如神 势如破竹 Have fun storming the castle! 没回应 Nothing. 老子要去落发修面了 I'm gonna shave. 来感受那刺激 激 激 ? ? Come feel the thrill, thrill, thrill ? 的菲尔 尔 尔 ? ? Of Phil, Phil, Phil ? 那刺激 激 激 ? ? The thrill, thrill, thrill ? 菲尔的刺激 ? ? The thrill of Phil ? 能麻烦去把那声音关掉吗 Could you turn that down please? 大家一起来 Everybody. 我有几个小想法 So, a couple quick thoughts.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Modern-Family-09-08-18.html