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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第06季 第08集 第08期

小火鸡就快美美地出炉了 The little bird's coming along nicely. 这可以成为我们新的感恩节传统 Hey, this could be our new Thanksgiving tradition. 什么传统 躲避我们的家人吗 What, hiding from our own family? 如果印第安人稍稍躲藏一点的话 Hey, if the Indians hid a little bit more, 他们现在可能还拥有自己的国家 they might still have this country. 不 只是远离大家 稍微清静一下 No, just taking a break from each other. 上帝知道我有多爱他们 God knows I couldn't love them more, 不过肯尼迪家族也不像我们这样频繁见面 but the Kennedys didn't get together as much as this family. -所以你不觉得内疚吗 -内疚什么 - So you don't feel guilty? - For what? 没跟菲尔分享这瓶三十年的威士忌吗 Not sharing this 30-year-old scotch with Phil? 他用七喜对着喝 歌洛莉亚 He mixes it with 7up, Gloria. 那简直是仇恨罪 It's a hate CRIme. 希望这里没有停电 Let's hope the power isn't out here, too. 看起来没问题 门廊的灯亮着 It looks fine. The porch light's on. 火鸡来啦 Turkey coming through! 他们把该死的晚餐挪到这里来了 They moved the damn dinner here. 谢谢你帮我破解密码 Thank you for cracking the code. 把火鸡放到烤箱里 卢克 Pop the turkey in the oven, Luke. 损失了点时间 不过如果提高烤箱温度 Lost a little cooking time, but if we crank it to 550, 晚餐应该会按时做好 dinner should be on the table as scheduled. 遵命 主厨 Yes, chef. 这里进行得怎么样了 So, how's it going in here? 耽误了一点时间 不过现在恢复正常了 Minor little speed bump, but we're back on track. 你不用担心 You just relax. 亲爱的 我完全相信你 Honey, I trust you completely. 你有可爱的小助手 You've got your sweaty little helper, 妈妈我也有 and mama has hers. 谢谢 Thanks. 还有多久你才会偷溜回家 So, how long until you sneak home 把后备火鸡拿过来 and get the backup turkey? 有一点信心 Have a little faith. 你真的相信爸爸能做好吗 You're really trusting dad to do this? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Modern-Family-06-08-8.html