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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第06季 第08集 第07期

来了 I'm ready. 不行 亲爱的 Oh, no, sweetie, 穿我们给你新买的那件漂亮感恩节裙子吧 We bought you that pretty new Thanksgiving dress. 可我想穿这身 But I want to wear this. 她想穿这件衣服 卡梅隆 She wants to wear that, Cameron. 你有什么想法 Thoughts? 莉莉 我们都盛装打扮 Well, Lily, uh, we're all dressed up. 你不希望表现得很失礼吧 You don't want to be disrespectful, do you? 我应该可以想穿什么就穿什么 I should be able to wear what I want. 好吧 亲爱的 听着 Okay, well, sweetie, listen, 你如果不穿那裙子我们恐怕就不能走了 I'm afraid we can't leave until you put that dress on. 好吧 Okay. 看到了吗 You see? 尽管你很想看到我大喊大叫 As much as you want me to yell, 可我有更有效的办法 I have a more effective method. 当你跟一个孩子说 When you say to a child, "我会给予你礼遇和尊重" "I will treat you with dignity and respect," 那个孩子就会反过来对你说 that child will, in turn, say to you -- 我没摘下标签 周一就把它退回去 I left the tag on. This is going back Monday. 就在你正酝酿盛气凌人的姿态时 Oh, and right in the middle of getting up 给你一个下马威 on such a high, high horse. 莉莉 Okay, Lily. 你说穿上就行的 You said put it on. 我穿上了 我们走吧 Well, it's on. Let's go. 我们不能让她这样自作主张 We cannot let her run the show like this. 好吧 相信我 我另有安排 Okay, trust me, I have another plan. 真的吗 因为现在 Really? Because right now, 我们的孩子就像越南版的安妮·霍尔 our child's walking around like a Vietnamese Annie Hall. [电影《安妮·霍尔》主人公 穿着打扮很男性化] 米奇尔 我会让她明白 她说得不算 Mitchell, I will make it clear that she is not the boss. 好吧 不不 我们现在不能出去 Okay, well, no, no, we can't go out now. 她从哪学来的这烦人的习惯 Okay, where did she learn that annoying habit? 克莱尔每周一都会去冥想班接她 Claire's been picking her up from meditation Mondays. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Modern-Family-06-08-7.html