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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第06集 第03期

如果你改主意了 Well, if you change your mind, 我的大门始终敞开 my door is always open. 你可以尽情关上门了 Well, feel free to shut it. 看啊妈妈 我在荡秋千 Look, Mommy, I'm swinging! 宝贝 你先下来 Hey, baby, get off of that. 我能和麦子单独谈谈吗 Can you let Maze and Mommy talk for a minute? 可以吗 Please? 好 Okay. 不是吧 Seriously? 性爱秋千 A sex swing? 好玩是吧 I know, right? 你想上来荡一荡吗 You want to hop on? 好吧 如果我们要住在一起 Okay, if we're gonna live together, 就得定一些规矩 we need to have some house rules. 第一条 我都不相信我会这么说 Rule number one, and I can't believe I'm saying this, 不准挂性爱秋千 no sex swing. 你说了我可以把家具带来 You said I could bring my furniture. 性爱秋千不算家具 A sex swing is not furniture. 公共区域里摆什么 我们得达成共识 We have to agree on what's gonna be in the common area, Maze. 那好 我不同意你弄的这些暴丑装饰 Fine, I don't agree with your cheesy decorations. 你不喜欢万圣节 You don't like Halloween? 当然喜欢 Of course I do. 人们穿着淫荡 放浪形骸 Slutty outfits, humans abandoning their inhibitions, 假面群交 masquerade orgies. 挺好 That's great. 但是我们的万圣节不这么过 But that's not our Halloween. 你现在和孩子一起住了 You live with a child now. 你得改改你看待事物的角度了 You're gonna have to rethink how you look at things. 是吗 Do I? 也许我们就不应该合租 Maybe living together was a bad idea. 至少在这一点上我们达成共识了 Now that's something we can agree on. 戴克 Decker. 她名叫佩吉·鲁索 This is Peggy Russo. 是一名化妆师 来自斯蒂迪奥城 She's a movie makeup artist from Studio City. 胸口中枪致死 Died from a single shot to the chest. 弹道检测报告还没出 但看起来像是 Still waiting on ballistics, but it looks like 大口径子弹 很可能来自狙击步枪 it's a large caliber bullet, most likely from a rifle. 有人看见枪手了吗 Anyone see the shooter? 我们还在梳理宾客名单 但到目前为止没有 Ah, we're still combing through the guest list, but so far, no. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Lucifer-02-06-3.html