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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第06集 第02期

快叫救护车 Someone call the ambulance! 拜托 这是真的 Please, this is real! 拜托哪位快叫救护车 Somebody call an ambulance, please! 好啊哥几个 Howdy, gang. 马天尼干威末酒 我最喜欢喝的那种 Martini, extra dry, just like I like it. 路西法 Lucifer? 医生 Doctor! 来参加派对一起乐吗 Come to join the party? 不是 我来看看你 No, I'm here to check on you. 上次治疗你没来 You didn't show for our session. 我知道 我取消了 I know, I canceled that. 所以才奇怪 因为你从不取消 Yeah, which is odd, because you never cancel. 一切都还好吗 Is everything okay? 没什么 只不过家里出了点事而已 It's fine, just a little family drama, that's all. 没什么好担心的 Nothing to worry about. 家里出事了 Family drama? 我兄弟死了 My brother died. 阿曼纳迪尔 Amenadiel? 不是 No, no. 当然不是 另外一个兄弟 No, I-- another brother. 我兄弟一大把 I have many. 路西法 我非常抱歉 Lucifer, I'm so sorry. 没关系 反正都死了 Oh, it's fine, what's done is done, eh? -喝威士忌吗 -不用 路西法 - Whiskey? - No, no, you... Lucifer, 病人常常在最需要 patients often avoid sessions 治疗的时候躲避治疗 precisely when they need it the most. 因为那时感情太痛苦 When the feelings are too painful. 你确定你不想谈谈吗 Are you sure you don't need to talk? 我倒有别的几件事特别想做一下 Well, I think there's a few other things I'd rather do, -你懂的 -不 不行 - you know. - No, no. 不行 路西法 不行 Okay, Lucifer, no, no, no. 我们不再做那种事了 这你知道的 No, we're not doing that anymore, and you know that. 如果你想谈谈你兄弟的死 尽管跟我说 Now, I'm here if you want to talk about your brother's death, 但是你 but in a... 你要清醒过来 好好说 in an appropriate manner. 有什么用 Oh, what's the point? 说了你也不明白 You wouldn't understand me, anyway. 还以为我说的都是比喻 You think everything I say is a metaphor. 如果你不介意的话 Now if you don't mind, 麻烦你别扫兴 you're killing my buzz. 女士们 Ladies. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Lucifer-02-06-2.html