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路西法(Lucifer) 第01季 第06集 第04期

认识你们非常高兴 Yes, very nice to meet you. 你好 你好 Hello. Hello. 要到楼上开派对吗 Shall we move the party upstairs? 其实我得穿衣服了 I'll need my clothes on, actually. 抱歉 姑娘们 我要迟到了 Sorry, girls. I'm late. 去干什么 For what? -工作啊 -别跟我说 - Work. - Please don't tell me 你真觉得自己在给警方打工 you actually believe you work for the police. 打工 共事 有差吗 Work for, work with. 我可是平民顾问 I'm a civilian consultant. 警探找我了 有起凶杀案 The detective called. There's been a murder. 他们需要我的帮助 My services are needed. 布列塔尼们 Brittanies... 要不你们让我朋友好好舒坦舒坦吧 why don't you make my friend feel better, hmm? 那这处挫伤是怎么回事 And, uh, this bruising is from what? 可能是凶手留下的 Possible imprint. 等我回去尸检后才能进一步弄清 I'll know more once I'm back at the lab. 好 有进展告诉我 Okay. Call me when you get something. 搭档 您好 Howdy, partner. 我们不是搭档 We're not partners. 行吧 Right. 是什么样的不幸 So, what unpleasantness 击倒了这一坨未酬的壮志 felled this heap of unrealized ambition then? 窒息而亡 气管断裂 Suffocation, a crushed trachea. 而这一坨有名有姓 And this heap has a name. 欧文·斯科韦尔 55岁 Erwin Scovell, 55. 在这儿干了20年的保安 He worked security here for 20 years. 这么说还真让人窒息啊 Ooh, talk about suffocating. 刑警怀疑这里 Vice suspects this place 是犯罪团伙用来 has been used by CRIminal organizations 存放非法交易品的 to store illegal contraband. 集装箱不见了 Container went missing, 这么看斯科韦尔八成是闯入了盗窃现场 so Scovell probably walked in on a robbery in progress. 监控摄像头坏了 所以没有录像 Security cameras were disabled, so no video. 八成要彻底检查... Probably gonna need to canvass the... 路西法 这是一名死者 Lucifer, it's a dead body. 放尊重点好吗 A little respect. 你知道吗 你们人类对腐肉毕恭毕敬的样子 Do you know, I am amazed by the deferential regard 真是太有意思了 you people hold for rotting flesh. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Lucifer-01-06-4.html