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传说(Lore) 第01季 第02集 第11期

于是在1951年 So in 1951, 他广为人知地接受了额叶切除术 he famously underwent a lobotomy 以寻求解脱 in search of relief. 弗里曼将额叶切除术 Freeman had moved the lobotomy 从小众 变成了主流 from the fringes to the mainstream. 手术在精神病领域获得成功 但弗里曼的最著名的案例之一 One of Freeman's most noted cases, however, 一个多年前的病例 from years earlier, 一直被保着密 had been kept tightly under wraps. 但这一秘密 But that secrecy 并非是为了保护弗里曼的声誉 wasn't intended to protect Freeman's reputation. 罗斯玛丽·肯尼迪是 Rosemary Kennedy was the third 乔和萝丝·肯尼迪九个子女中的老三 of Joe and Rose Kennedy's nine children. 1918年 怀着罗斯玛丽的萝丝突然进入了分娩 In 1918, Rose suddenly went into labor with Rosemary. 由于医生不在 护士不愿为她接生 The nurse was reluctant to deliver the baby without a doctor present. 她让萝丝闭紧腿 She ordered Rose to keep her legs tightly shut 以延迟生产 in an effort to delay the birth. 这并不好使 她只是把孩子的头 It didn't work, and she forced the baby's head 逼回了产道 back into the birth canal. 在痛苦的两小时里 For two agonizing hours, 小罗斯玛丽得不到充足的氧气 baby Rosemary was deprived of sufficient oxygen, 这使她落下了永久性的脑损伤 and this caused her lasting brain damage. 罗斯玛丽是个快乐有活力的孩子 Rosemary was a joyful, exuberant child, 但她经常会发生癫痫 but she often experienced seizures 暴力地大发脾气 and violent tantrums, 智力也有问题 and she struggled intellectually. 在这样一个 In a family renowned 因睿智而闻名的精英家族里 for brilliant, striving overachievers, 那种相形见绌的挫败感 the frustration and feeling of inferiority 肯定令她难以承受 must have been unbearable. 因此 罗斯玛丽会大发脾气 In response, Rosemary acted out. 因为担心丑闻会威胁到 Fearing that scandal might threaten 其他孩子的政治前途 his other children's political prospects,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Lore-01-02-11.html