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传说(Lore) 第01季 第02集 第10期

35 45分钟内渐缓 in about 35, 45 minutes. 谁去看看比尔怎么样了 And somebody want to check on Bill there? 他的脉搏恐怕还远不如阿伦 I don't think his pulse is nearly as good as Allan's. 1946年 沃特·弗里曼一飞冲天 1946 was a rocket ride for Walter Freeman. 美国刚打败了法西斯主义 America had just defeated fascism, 人民满眼都能看到可能和机遇 and people saw possibility and potential everywhere, 他们接受了这一激进的新手术 and they embraced his radical new procedure. 将冰锥从眼睛插入大脑能有助精神疾病 "随便哪个傻瓜都学得会" 弗里曼打趣到 "Any damn fool could learn it," Freeman joked. 他开始了全国巡回 证明这一点 And he set off across the country to prove it. 对于那些资金紧张的机构 For cash-strapped institutions, 精神病人大批接受"冰锥手术" 10分钟手术恢复精神健康 根本无法抵抗一个 it was impossible to resist a procedure 能如此轻松地带来显著疗效的手术 that could deliver such apparent relief so easily. 只需无声地插入 Just a silent insertion, 轻轻敲几下 a few tiny taps... 那占据了慢性精神病人头脑的恐怖 and the horrors that had dominated the minds of the chronically ill 就能被消除 could be taken away. 精神病人因革命性手术获益 凭借他越来越响的名声 Buoyed by his growing popularity. 弗里曼开始许下更多承诺 Freeman began promising more. 他称 额叶切除术甚至能减轻 The lobotomy, he maintained, could provide relief 非入院病人的痛苦 for non-institutionalized patients as well, 比如沃纳·巴克斯特 like Warner Baxter. 巴克斯特是史上第二位 Baxter was the second man ever 奥斯卡奖最佳男主角 to take home an Academy Award for best actor, 也是1940年代 片酬最高的演员之一 and he remained one of the highest paid actors in the 1940s. 但1950年代时 他严重的关节炎 But by 1950, he was plagued by arthritis 让他甚至无法自己进食 that was so CRIppling that he had trouble feeding himself. 三周前 接受了额叶切除术(脑部手术)来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Lore-01-02-10.html