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陨落星辰(Falling Skies) 第05季 第06集 第01期

丽蓓卡 Becca? 别担心 你现在安全 Don't worry. You're safe now. -离我远点 离我远点 -别激动 - Get away from me! Get away from me! ?- Okay, calm down! -你是谁 -你中枪了 我们发现了你 - Who are you?! - ?You were shot. We -- we found you. 等等 你去哪儿 我在哪儿 Wait! Where are you going? Where am I?! 你真的打算拿把小刀加入枪战吗 Are you gonna literally bring a knife to a gunfight? -快放下吧 -我不会放下 - Please, put that down. - I'm not putting anything down 除非你告诉我我在哪儿 until you tell me where I am 或者为什么把我当犯人一样关起来 or why you got me locked up like a prisoner. 你在北卡罗来纳州的科尼利厄斯 You are in Cornelius, North Carolina. 我叫威利·麦库姆 My name is Willie McComb. 我和我女儿艾丽西娅一起住在这里 I live here with my daughter Alicia, 你刚见过她 还有她的孩子们 whom you've met, and her children. 我打中了抓住你的那个飞着的东西 I shot that flying thing that had a hold of you, 还从你腿里取出一颗子弹来 and I also pulled a bullet out of your leg. 不是我的子弹 Not one of mine. 我知道是谁的子弹 No, I know whose it was. 你是罪犯吗 小偷 So you some kind of CRIminal? Thief? 所以才挨枪子儿 Is that why you got shot? 不是 听我说 我不能留在这里 No, listen to me. I can't stay here. ? 你哪儿也去不了 You're not going anywhere. 那颗子弹在你腿上凿了一个洞 That bullet tore a hole in your leg. 几天后就会好了 但你得忍几天 It'll be fine in a few days, but you gotta stay off it. 我曾是越战时的医务兵 I was a medic in 'Nam. 你可能不清楚 现在正在开战 I don't think you understand. There's a war on, 外面还有人们在等我 and I've got people out there waiting for me -- 不 先生 这里没有仗可打 没有战争 No, sir. There is no fight here, no war. 这里很安全 This is a safe place. 有些干净的衣服 你可以打理一下自己 Some fresh clothes. You can clean up if you want. 晚饭很快就好了 Dinner will be ready soon. 该死 Damn it. 加油站都跑哪儿去了 Where's a gas station when you need one? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Falling-Skies-05-06-1.html