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陨落星辰(Falling Skies) 第05季 第05集 第14期

你不是一个人 You're not the only one. 门后面是什么 What's behind that door? 我的天哪 My god. 我抓住了那些迅猎兽 I got the Skitters that did this. 至少我做到了这一点 At least I did that. 对吧 宝贝 Right, baby? 我 来晚了 I was too l-late. 但至少 我做到了这一点 But at -- at least I did that. 我的宝贝 My baby. 宝贝 My baby. 我的宝贝 My baby! 我的宝贝 My baby! 他提到家人的一瞬间 我就懂了 I think the second he mentioned his family, I knew. 看着他 Looking at him, 就像看着当初失去珍的我 it's like seeing myself after I lost Jeanne. 或是失去亚蕾克西的你 Or like seeing you after you lost Lexi. 我们不能留他在这里 We can't just leave him here. 他需要我们的帮助 He needs our help. 他曾想杀了你 丹 He tried to kill you, Dan. 不过... Well... 是你当初陪着我 Hey, you were there for me. 我也想陪着你 I'm trying to be there for you. 如果我们坐视不理 If we just leave him to wither away, 我们成了什么人 what does that say about us? 我觉得我们很应该帮他 I think we have a good shot at helping this guy out. 我明白 I get it. 亲爱的 ...Honey. 好吧 All right. 一直没问你的名字 Never got your name. 马蒂 Marty. 马蒂 Marty. 丹尼尔 Daniel. 这个地区还要巡逻多久 How many more times do we need to circle this area? 直到找到我爸爸 As many as it takes. I got to find my dad. 我没想到这句话我一直没有说 You know, I can't believe it's taken me this long 但我想谢谢你 to say this, but thank you -- 救我出来 for getting me out of there. 是你自救的 You got yourself out. 是因为你说的一句话 It was something you said. 是吗 什么话 Yeah? What was that? 一切事物的始终 That everything starts and ends 都在于陪伴彼此 with just being there for each other. 我爸爸以前也常说类似的话 My dad used to say something similar. 后来我意识到我的意思是生存 And then I realized all I was talking about was surviving. 而你想的是生活 and all you were talking about was living. 珀普 Pope. 约翰 John. 他在哪里 Where is he? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Falling-Skies-05-05-14.html