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陨落星辰(Falling Skies) 第04季 第05集 第15期

这里... This... 这里是大本营 this is home base. 一会我们发信号 它们就会来收货 Soon we'll send up a flare. They'll come collect. 我和库普就可以回家了 And Coop and I will be home free. 很简单的交易 这就搞定了 Simple trade. Done and done. 跟我说说迅猎兽占据的那个农场 Tell me again about that Skitter farm. 周围的人都死了 你们却逃出来了 People were dying left and right, but you got out. 你们是怎么活下来的 How did you survive? 我告诉过你了 I told you. 当时发生了一次爆炸 There was an explosion. 没错 你是那么说的 Yeah, that is what you said. 但我一直在怀疑 But I keep wondering if you didn't 你当时是不是也做了个简单的交易 make a simple trade then, too. 你很擅长做交易 对吧 That is what you're good at, right? Making deals? 闭嘴 Shut up. 否则就不是艾士芬尼杀你了 Or the Espheni won't kill you... 我会杀了你 I will do it myself. 你什么时候做的那个交易 尼克 When did you make the deal, Nick? 出卖了自己的家人和朋友 有什么感觉 How did it feel to give up your friends, your family? 我说了 闭嘴 I said, shut up! 告诉我这不是真的 Tell me that's not how it went down. 别听他的 库普 Don't listen to him, Coop. 他只是想扰乱你的思维 He's just trying to get in your head. 尼克 告诉我你没有那样做 Nick... tell me you didn't. 你是他们的伯伯 乔什和艾利克斯都很爱你 You're their uncle. Josh and Alex loved you. 我也爱他们 I loved them, too! 但是他们还能在那种地方活多久 But how long were they gonna survive in that place? 我们还能活多久 我当时就要被脊甲化了 How long were we gonna survive?! I was gonna be harnessed! 可你不能如此自私 But it wasn't about you. 他们是我的孩子 They were my boys. 你不会开枪的 You're not gonna shoot me. 我是你哥哥 看在上帝的份上 放下枪 I'm your brother. Put it down, for God's sake. 我要听你亲口说出来 I need to hear it from your mouth. 我要你告诉我 I want you to tell me. 我那么做是为了我们 库普 I did it for us, Coop. 那两个孩子 早晚都会死 The boys... it was just a matter of time. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Falling-Skies-04-05-15.html