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陨落星辰(Falling Skies) 第04季 第05集 第14期

我觉得她快死了 I think she's dying. 是你搞的鬼吗 Are you doing this? 你说你在乎她的 You say you care for her. 如果是你干的就赶快住手 If so, stop this! 你夺走了我的一切 You have taken everything from me. 我的儿子死了 汤姆可能也死了 My son is dead, Tom is probably dead, 你还用谎言欺骗了我女儿 you've twisted my daughter and fed her lies. 你毁掉了我爱的所有人和事物 Everything and everyone I've ever loved! 我现在给你个赎罪的机会 I am offering you a chance at redemption. 我知道你能救她 I know you know how to save her. 你愿意吗 Will you? 卢尔德在陪着亚蕾克西 稳住她的状况 Lourdes is with Lexi, calming her down. 你呢 And what about you? 你连着那种怪物 感觉一定不好 It must have been awful being connected to that thing. 好点了吗 You feeling better? 很好 这也是... Good as new. It's a... 当怪物的好处吧 fringe benefit of being a freak. 疼痛受伤都复原得很快 Pain, injury doesn't keep me down for too long. 你不是怪物 本 You're not a freak, Ben. 你非常勇敢 What you are is incredibly brave. 我知道你不会说英语 I know you can't speak English, 但是你总会点头摇头吧 but you sure as hell can nod your head yes or no. 我再问你一次 So I'm asking you once more! 你能不能住手 Will you stop this?! 很好 Fine. 是你让我别无选择 You've really left me no other choice. 怎么了 怎么回事 What? What's wrong? 天哪 发生了什么 你怎么了 Jeez. What's happening? Oh, my god! 好了 好了 Okay. Okay. 我看看 怎么回事 Okay. Okay. What is it? 告诉我 告诉我 Tell me! tell me! 告诉我怎么救她 Tell me how to save her! 花 花 Flower! Flower! 安 安 别打了 Ann! Ann, stop! 本快被打死了 It's killing Ben! 本一直在说什么花 这是什么意思 Ben keeps saying something about a flower. What does it mean? 我知道是什么意思 I know what it means. 我们要在这里过夜 We're gonna stay all night. 这是什么地方 What is this place? 跟敌人的会合点吗 Rendezvous point with the enemy? 你是指你的敌人吧 是的 You mean your enemy? Yeah. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Falling-Skies-04-05-14.html