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疑是疑非(Doubt) 第01季 第11集 第14期

恶意伤人罪 判了七年 Seven years for assault. 他应该在公园见艾米的 He was supposed to meet Amy in the park. 把他作为恶意证人传唤过来 Call him as a hostile witness. -给陪审团送个坏人 -又一个 - Give the jury a bad guy. - Another bad guy. 罗素才是坏人中的坏人 Russo's the baddest of the bad. 说话 表现正常点 就像谈案子一样 Talk, act normal, like we're talking about a case. 我们就是在谈案子啊 We are talking about a case. 好的 那继续 我要表现得融入其中 Good. Keep doing it. I'll act fascinated. -怎么了 -小卡 - What's going on? - Cam? 现在别看 彼得·加勒特来找你了 Don't look now, but Peter Garrett's here to see you. 我说了现在别看 I said don't look now. 我很忙 I'm busy. 小卡 你得和他谈谈 Cam, you have to go talk to him. 我不想 我觉得不回他的电话和短信 I don't want to, and I thought I made that abundantly clear 已经表现得很明显了 by avoiding his calls and texts. 卡梅伦 别让助检官待在候客室 Cameron, get the A.D.A. out of my waiting room. 对生意影响不好 It's bad for business. 告诉他在我办公室等 Tell him to wait in my office. 现在说我早告诉过你和检察官约会的后果 Is now a bad time to say "I told you so" 是不是不太好 about dating a prosecutor? 第140.25节将盗窃案定义为... Section 140.25 defines burglary as... 我想我们都读过法律的 I think we can all read the statute. 1878年 奎恩公诉案 Okay, well, in 1878, Quinn v. People... 1878吗 1878? 你是认真的吗 We're seriously doing this? ...把"住所"定义为晚上占有的地方 ...defines a dwelling as a place occupied at night. 其对晚上的定义是 信不信由你 It defines night, believe it or not, as... 我选择"不信" I'm going with "Not." 是日落后30分钟到 ...as the period of time between 30 minutes after sunset 日出前30分钟的这段时间 and 30 minutes before sunrise. 这个案子里 原告在腌菜厂 In this case, the complainant worked the graveyard shift 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Doubt-01-11-14.html