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疑是疑非(Doubt) 第01季 第11集 第13期

-不会输的 -我知道 - You're not gonna lose. - I know. 我知道 我只是 I know, I just... 我希望你能有一些东西 看到就能想起我 I wanted you to have some reminders of me. 我不需要东西 我有你 I don't need reminders. I'll have you. 赛迪 我 Sadie, I... -谁 -是我 - Yeah? - It's me. 我会打开它的 但我要和你一起打开 I am gonna open that, but I'm gonna open it with you 就在我们胜利的那个晚上 the night we win. 好吗 Okay? 好的 Okay. 你好 ?Hey. 有龙舌兰酒吗 You got any tequila? 怎么了 What's going on? 我需要一些龙舌兰酒 What's going on is I need tequila, -你也需要的 -你吓到我了 - and so do you. - Now you're scaring me. 喝了吧 Drink it. 我想我知道谁杀了艾米了 I think I know who killed Amy. 我们不知道伊莱·瓦格纳会说出什么 不能传讯他 We can't call Eli Wagener without knowing what he's gonna say. 他会说出警察记录里的那些东西 He's gonna say what's in the police report. 那如果他说了什么记录里没有的呢 What about what's not in the police report? 他说出什么都可能 你没法回应的 He could say anything, and you've got no comeback. 所以不要传讯他吗 So don't call him? 我的意思是你得深思熟虑才行 I'm saying make sure you think it through. 1992年11月13日 November 13, 1992. 瑞迪克·鲍威 伊万德·霍利费德 Riddick Bowe, Evander Holyfield. 别又来拳击那一套 Oh, please don't throw boxing back in my face. 我告诉过你多少次了 How many times have I told you? 当你得分领先时 不要做出致胜一击 When you're ahead on points, you don't go for the knockout. 没错 但如果你输了 Yeah, but if you lose, 而你却没有竭尽全力 and you didn't put everything out there, 你能甘心吗 can you live with that? -所以让他上证人席吗 -不 - So put him on the stand? ?- No. 你们要一致 Just come to an agreement. 一个分裂的国家是无法长久立足的 An nation divided cannot stand. 他确实证明我们关于地检腐败的理论 He does reinforce our corrupt D.A. narrative. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Doubt-01-11-13.html