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大城小妞(Broad City) 第04季 第06集 第01期

天啊 真是太扯淡了 Ugh! God, it's so ridiculous that we can't, like, 我们连自己公寓里的暖气都控制不了 control the heat in our own apartment. 就好像我们到了可以喝酒的年龄 It's like, we're old enough to drink, 到了在舞会里当监护 投票的年龄 we're old enough to chaperone a high school dance, to vote. 就跟你有投出你想要的总统一样 Like that did anything. 但是想控制你自己的公寓 不行 But to control your own temperature, no. 某个在天上的房东才能控制 Some crazy landlord in the sky gets to do that. 我差点就买得起那个 And I was this close to being able to afford 热梦Q20-X空间加热器了 the Hot Dream Q20-X space heater. 德鲁·巴里摩尔也用那个 It's the one that Drew Barrymore uses. 你是有她的信用卡账单还是什么 Do you, like, get her credit card statements or something? 她品位很好 像精灵一样 I think she's got great taste, and, like, a pixie spirit. 姐们 让我给你买吧 Dude, just let me buy it for you. 我是服务员 I'm a waitress. 我真的很有钱 不是一般的有钱 I am for real rich, not rich. 不 我不想你给我买 No, I don't want you to buy it for me. 我应该有能力自己买 I should be able to buy this stuff for myself. 只是现在没工作有点困难 I mean, it's just hard right now without a job. 我现在有点硬 I'm a little hard right now. 好吧 Okay. 我的天 你打算什么时候跟我说 Oh, my God, when were you gonna tell me? 说什么 About what? 这个 艾比盖尔 About this, Abigail. 女人一生中最强大的时刻 The most powerful moment in a woman's life: 你的第一根灰发 Your first gray hair! 不 是 天啊 不要啊 No, is it-- Oh, my gosh! No, no, no! -棒呆 欢庆 棒呆 -不 - Yas, rejoice, yas, yas! - No! 我没有在欢庆 我这是不知所措 I'm not rejoicing, I'm freaking out! 怎么了 你们还好吗 What happenedYou guys okay? 你不冷吗 Dude, aren't you freezing? 不冷 我刚盖着毯子 No, I was snuggled under a blanket. 怎么了 What's going on?来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Broad-City-04-06-1.html