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大城小妞(Broad City) 第04季 第05集 第11期

快啊 踢我 Get in there. Go on! 等等 Wait a minute? 你是认真的 Are you for real? 该死 我开除欧文好了 Fuck it, I'll fire Owen. 欧文根本不会做服务员 Owen's a terrible waiter. 我不在乎 他很有钱 他家人很有钱 I don't care about-- He's rich, his family's rich. 他不会有事的 He'll be fine. 但你的抑郁 But this depression shit. 这属于另一个级别的操蛋 That's, that's next level bitchy. 我还挺喜欢的 I'm kind of digging it. 我鸡巴都硬了 My dick is a little bit hard. 希望你永远也不要好转 I hope you never get better. 谢谢 Thanks. 小巷里有好戏 Drama in the alley. 妈 妈 天啊 快停下 Mom! Mom! Oh, my God, Mom, stop it! 艾比 走开 What, Abbi, go! 你逗我吗 快停下 Are you kidding me right now! Stop it! 又是这个荡妇 Oh! This slut! Aagin? 他叫我荡妇 太棒了 He called me a slut. Yes! 我得回医学院 I need to go back to med school. 戒毒 And rehab. 欧文 欧文 欧文 你被开除了 Owen! Owen! Owen, you're fired! 马塞尔 Marcel! 我给你口过 I blew you, dude! 所以呢 And? 操 我走了 Fuck this! I'm out. 我和一个双性恋男子舌吻了 I kissed a bisexual man with tongue. -太好了 -你太棒了 乔安 - Okay, that's great. - You're so good, Joanne. 曼巴寿司 Sushi Mambeaux. 总是在颂扬文化液体交换 Always celebrating cultural, fluid exchanges. 爸 Dad? 你说什么 Ex-squeeze me? 我妈是艾伊莎·约翰逊 My mother is Aisha Johnson. 所 So that-- 是的 你是我爸 Yes, you are my fah... 你也被开除了 Well... your ass is fired too. 我不和家人共事 I don't work with family. 你也被开除了 Your ass is fired too! 知道吗 你说的是 Dude, you know whatYou were right. 我该在冬天增加我的药量 I should just up my medication in the winter. 我试图为了变纯洁强壮而减少药量 You know, I was trying to decrease for the pure and strong 但那完全是耻辱 or something, but that's shame and stigma right there. 我有时生病 需要吃药 谁在乎 So, I get sick sometimes and need medicine, who cares? 真好 That's awesome, dude. 我找到了一个 I found one. 真漂亮 That's pretty. -这根不错 -很不错 - That is a good one. - It's a good one. 天啊 Holy sh... 我想给你推荐这款妈妈套餐 So, I just wanted to offer you this Mom-Pak. 很受你们这类人群的喜爱 It's really popular among your demographic. 她不需要妈妈套餐 She doesn't need a Mom Pak. 她现在是都市女孩了 She's a city girl now. 随便咯 Whatever. 谢谢你 But thank u. 知道这荡妇会喜欢什么吗 You know what this slut would love? 别这么叫她了 Okay, let's-- stop calling her that. -她可喜欢了 -是的 - She loves it. - I do. 好吧 Okay. 那个[S2杰瑞米同款] That. 是的 Yes. 妈 你会喜欢那个的 你应该用最好的 Mom, you're gonna love that. You deserve the best. 不过只能用手洗 But, um, hand wash it only. 嗯 只能手洗 Yeah, definitely just hand... wash it.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Broad-City-04-05-11.html