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大城小妞(Broad City) 第03季 第05集 第09期

看 看看 Look, look at this. 你真是个奇迹制造者 You're a miracle worker. 现在去搞定吧 Now go get 'em. 谢了 海勒医生 爱你 Thanks, Dr. Heller. Love you. 我是说 下次预约见 I mean, I'll see you at our next appointment. 我也爱你 Hey, I love you, too. 你好 Hi. 我喜欢你的穿衣风格 Wow, I love your whole deal. 我是来为...送包裹的 Anyway, I'm delivering a package for... 这是哪里 Where dis? 是希拉里·克林顿的竞选总部 It's Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters. 总部 总部 headquarters, headquarters... 你们在招人吗 Are you guys hiring? 你有CV吗 Do you have a CV? 椰子缺陷 A... Coconut vice? 简历 A resume? 我存在手机照片流里了 专门为这种情况准备的 Um, it is saved on my photo stream for cases like this. 不过别向右划 Just don't swipe right. -我刚不小心向右划了 -好吧 - I just accidentally swiped right. - Okay. 很好 能今天开始工作吗 Great. Can you start today? 很好 Great. 你也许该去找个医生看看你的疹子 You should probably see a doctor about that rash. 我知道那是什么 I know what it is, 我只是在记录进程 谢谢 I'm just tracking the progress, thank you so much. 阿拉娜·韦克斯勒和希拉里·克林顿 Ilana Wexler and Hillary Clinton? 两个强势女人联手合作 Two powerful whomen whorking as whone? 你不会看到她本人的 不过当然 Well, you'll never see her, but, sure. -我可不确定 -我很确定 - I'm not so sure. - I'm pretty sure. 也许 也许你是对的 Yeah, you're-- you're probably right. 在接下来的几周里 Over the next few weeks, 我们要为党内初选加大宣传力度 we are gonna push hard toward the primary. 我们要给所有已注册的民主党选民打电话 we are gonna call every registered democratic voter, 为他们确定投票地点 we are gonna confirm the location of their polling place. -每一票都至关重要 -是哒 是哒 是哒 - Every vote counts. - Yas, yas, yas, yas, yas! 谢谢 Thank you.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Broad-City-03-05-9.html