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大城小妞(Broad City) 第03季 第05集 第10期

简明提醒他们支持希拉里 But just remind them succinctly that a vote for Hillary 就是支持工人阶层 is a vote for the working class. 以及弱势群体 And minorities. 混血 酷儿 拉拉 同志 You know, your caramels, your queers, your ls, your gs, 双性恋 跨性别者 酷儿 your bs, your ts, your qs. 老兵 对吗 婴儿 Vets, rightBabies. 残疾人 The-- the handi-capable. 是的 Yes! 谢谢 你是 Thank you, ms. Um...? 阿拉娜·罗德姆·韦克斯勒 Ilana... Rodham Wexler. 希拉里中间名 我喜欢你的热情 I love your enthusiasm, 不过你下次再想说"是哒"的时候 but how about the next time you have the impulse to say "Yas," 你可以以点头示意 you could just nod. 回到无约电话 So back to cold-calling. 让大家记得希拉里的贡献很重要 It's really important to remind people of Hillary's service. 她不仅是前国务卿 Not only was she Secretary of State. 她还做过律师 She was a practicing lawyer. 为低收入家庭增加了健康保险 She expanded health insurance for lower income families. 她还赢过格莱美 And she's won a grammy. 她的著作《举全村之力》的有声版 获得了1996年格莱美最佳诵读专辑 我不知道这事 I did not know that. 我们不回答针对化妆 We do not answer questions on Make-up. 文胸 Bras. 内裤的问题 Panties. 最后 一些在电话上 Um, lastly, some answers 常被问到的问题的答案 to some common questions we get on calls. 不 希拉里不会在办公室里哭 No, Hillary does not cry at the office. 是 希拉里会读地图 Yes, Hillary can read a map. 不 希拉里不会推行男性避孕 No, Hillary will not enforce male birth control 或者男性怀孕 因为这根本不存在 or male pregnancy, as that is not a thing. 不 希拉里不是女巫 And no, Hillary is not a witch. -人们真的会问这类问题吗 -每天都有 - Do people seriously ask this stuff- Every day. 每天 Every day! 知道了 I guess they do. 有预约的客户 什么情况 What is happening? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Broad-City-03-05-10.html