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黑镜(Black Mirror) 第04季 第06集 第06期

这就是你带我来这里的原因 This is why you brought me up here. 诊治病人最烦人的事是什么 What's the biggest pain in the ass with patients? 很难查明他们的病症 Finding out what's wrong with them in the first place. 半数来这儿的混蛋们 Half of the assholes that roll in here 连自己的症状都说不清楚 can't even desCRIbe their symptoms. 他们要么是失去了知觉 或是得了脑震荡 They're-- They're out cold or concussed 或是醉酒 太蠢 or drunk or dumb 只有两岁 不会说英语 or... two years old, or they can't speak English. 想象一下 如果你能原样感受到病人的感觉 Imagine if you could feel exactly what a patient feels, 而不会有生理症状 minus the physical consequences. 就像读取他们的思想 Like reading their minds. 你觉得怎么样 So what do you say? 真得佩服道森 他立刻抓住了机会 Gotta hand it to Dawson, he lept at the chance. 他很乐意这样做 Like, he was happy to do it. 而且手术过程很短 And it was only a short procedure. 是不可逆的 但 他可是个先锋 Irreversible, but, hey, he was a pioneer. 再说 他的病人死亡率高得离奇 Plus, his mortality rates were in the toilet, 这是他赎罪的最好机会 so this was his best shot at redemption. 如果我碰它会疼吗 Does it hurt if I touch it? 应该不疼 I don't think so. 看起来有点重口 There's something kinda kinky about it. 就像终极穿环 It's like the ultimate piercing. 如果你是在安慰我 你成功了 If you're trying to make me feel better, it's working. 该试验运行了 Time for the trial run. 这时我们的发网装置就该登场了 So this is where our hairnet doohickey comes into play. 理论上讲 如果你把它戴在自愿对象上 Theory was, if you slipped it on a willing subject, 它就会提取他们的生理感觉 it'd absorb their physical sensations 将其传送至道森的植入器上 and relay them to Dawson's implant. 我们只需判断它是否起效 We just had to find out if it worked. 这根手指 This one. 休斯顿 我们创造奇迹了 Houston, we got a miracle.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Black-Mirror-04-06-6.html