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黑镜(Black Mirror) 第04季 第06集 第05期

然后 他们把这个戴在它身上 And then... they put this on him. 这是个发射器 It's a transmitter, 从肯尼的大脑中提取信号 absorbing signals from Kenny's brain 传给那边的赫克托 which were sent to Hector over here. 赫克托佩戴着我们的原型突触接收器 Hector had our prototype synaptic receiver fitted. 记住 赫克托从未踏足过这个迷宫 Now, remember, Hector had never even set paw in the maze. 计划就是它现在会接收肯尼对迷宫布局的认知 Plan was he'd now receive Kenny's knowledge of the maze layout 第一次进来的时候 就瞬间破解迷宫 and, boom, he'd be able to solve it, first time. -它成功了吗 -没有 - And did he? - No. 像只老鼠一样乱窜 蠢透了 Scrabbled around like a rat, fucking imbecile. 那你跟我讲这个干什么 So, um, why are you telling me this? 因为正当迷宫实验宣告失败时 Because just as it becomes clear that the maze thing's a bust, 我们一位研究员把咖啡泼在肯尼身上了 one of our researchers spills his coffee on Kenny. 滚烫的咖啡泼了肯尼一身 Hot coffee spills all over Kenny, 它当然就大声惨叫 so obviously he's squealing like hell, 但赫克托也是如此 but so is Hector. 结果发现 我们没有发现如何分享知识 Turns out, we haven't discovered how to share knowledge... -但发现了如何分享生理感觉 -答对了 - But physical sensations. - Bingo. 不可思议 天呐 That's nuts. Holy shit. 更不可思议的是 And even nutsier shit, 赫克托有烫伤感 但并没有任何损伤 Hector felt the burn, but took no damage at all. 感觉一模一样 但生理上却毫发无伤 All of the experience, none of the physical cost. 那它是怎么死的 But how did he die? 之后他们把它解剖了检查它身体是否有异样 They cut him open after to see if he was OK. 不管怎样 多亏了赫克托的牺牲 Anyhow, thanks to Hector's saCRIfice, 我们做出了这个原型机 we prototyped this. 人类感受接收器 A receiver for human experiences. 神经系统植入物 只有这么一个 A neural implant. Only one of its kind.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Black-Mirror-04-06-5.html