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大嘴巴(Big Mouth) 第01季 第02集 第06期

那个小垃圾居然丢下你了 Did that little bastard just ditch you? 可能他应该跟情侣朋友一起玩吧 Well, I guess he's supposed to hang out with his couple friends. 他们不久就会在一起乱交了 Yeah, pretty soon I bet they'll all be swinging together, 各种乱搞 just a big old fuck and suck. 或许你可以在墙角撸管 Maybe you can be the guy who jerks off in the corner. 所有乱交都需要旁观者和婴儿湿巾 Every orgy needs a witness and baby wipes. 尼克知道你生日吗 So, does Nick know when your birthday is? -知道吧 -宝贝 这是你们最重要的情侣节日 - I guess. - Sweetie, it's your most important couple holiday. 德温 我能单独跟你聊聊吗 Devin, can I talk to you, like, in private? 好的 洛拉 Okay, Lola. 我说什么她都吃醋 She gets so jealous when I talk to, like, anything. 只剩他了 杰伊 你好啊 It comes to this. Jay! What's up? -我们要一起爬吗 -现在没空理你 - Should we climb this gal together- Can't talk right now. 我在给我最伟大的魔术定位 I'm centering myself before my greatest trick yet. -好吧 -你问什么魔术 - Okay. - What trick, you ask? 今天结束 我会复制我第五个最喜欢的魔术师 By day's end, I will replicate my fifth favorite magician 大卫·科波菲尔的著名幻觉 David Copperfield's famous illusion-- 我要让自由女神像消失 I will make the Statue of Liberty disappear. 你在盯着那个小棕男孩吗 You got eyes on that little brown kid? 当然 他是棕色的 Course I do. He's a little brown kid. 好吧 说不定我能帮你呢 Okay, well, maybe I can help you with your trick. 搞什么 为什么所有人都丢下我 What the hellWhy does everyone keep ditching me? 因为你闻起来像以色列的迪斯科 Because you smell like an Israeli disco. 男朋友到底要做什么 So what exactly does a boyfriend do? 我的责任有哪些 Like, what are my responsibilities? 陪着她就好 You just gotta be there for her, 课前课后 you knowBefore class, after class, 午饭 睡觉时间 什么时候都要能找到你 lunchtime, bedtime-- you're never off the clock, really.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Big-Mouth-01-02-6.html