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大嘴巴(Big Mouth) 第01季 第02集 第05期

天啊 太有哲理了 My God, he's so deep! 首先 印第安人在感恩节时 Okay, first of all, the Indians gave us this country 把这个国家送给了我们 for Thanksgiving, okay? 不能反悔 不能当印第安馈赠者[送东西反悔的人] So no backsies, they can't be Indian givers. -双关了 -好吧 - Pun intended, so... - Okay. 坐车最后 So, back of the bus. -贵宾席啊 -要喝点什么 - VIP. - Can I get you something to drink? -橙汁 香槟 -这后面还有饮料服务 - Orange juice, champagne- They have beverage service back here? 没有 他是司机儿子 脑子有问题 No, no, no, no, no. He's the bus driver's son. He's insane. 到了女神像那后 我们会提供热曲奇 We'll be offering warm cookies when we arrive at the statue, 现在别吃面包了哦 so don't fill up on bread. 你们准备舌吻吗 So you guys gonna tongue each other or what? 我们要舌吻吗 Are we supposed to be doing that? 不想的话可以不要 We don't have to if we don't want to. 感觉大早上就亲热有点不好 Yeah. It just feels early in the morning to be making out. -我明白 -嗯 - Yeah. No, I hear you. - Mm, yeah. 你就像生日蛋糕一样可口 You taste like birthday cake Pop-Tarts. 我觉得牵牵手挺好 I'm actually good with, like, a light hand-hold. -好 -好 - Great. - Good. 你们为啥不要香槟 反正免费的 Why didn't you guys get champagneIt's free. 来吧 尼克 我和比赛看谁先到上面 Come on, Nick, I'll race you to the top. 男孩跟男孩一起 女孩跟女孩一起 Boys go with boys, and girls go with girls. 这样我们就可以聊聊天 That way we can talk about each other 然后在上面拍情侣照了 and then we'll meet at the top for couples pics! -不错吧 -情侣照 - That sound good to you-Couples pics? 你不记得上周咱俩还笑别人 Don't you remember last week when we made fun of people 共用图享网账户来着吗 with shared Instagram accounts? 记得 但我现在不那么想了 I do, I do. But my thinking on that has evolved. 好吧 那我们一会去上面拍情侣照吧 Okay. I guess I'll see you up there for a... "Couples pic."来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Big-Mouth-01-02-5.html