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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第13集 第18期

真是太可惜了 他真是可爱 It's a shame, really. He was very cute. 信号又出现了 The signal's fritzing again. 凯登离劳蕾尔距离越近 The closer Cayden gets to Laurel, 引爆装置尖峰脉冲的频率越高 the bigger the frequency spikes on the detonator. 不 强脉冲并非来自引爆装置 No. It's not the detonator. 你不想问问我为什么杀他吗 Aren't you gonna ask me why I did it? 不 我知道你是在说谎 No. I know you're lying. 你并不像你表面那样冷酷无情 You're not nearly as callous as you portray yourself to be. 兰斯小姐 我看到了 I saw, Ms. Lance. 当我命令你处决索贝尔先生时 When I ordered you to execute Mr. Sobel, 我看到你犹豫了 I saw you hesitate. 你并不想这么做 You didn't want to do it. 奥利弗 你要马上让劳蕾尔远离凯登 Oliver, you need to get Laurel away from Cayden right now. 他的引爆装置正在干扰她的能量抑制项圈 His detonator is interfering with her power-dampening collar. 这下可有趣了 Well, well, well. Now, this is interesting. 大家还好吗 能收到吗 Guys, are you ok? Do you copy? 费利西蒂 我们没事 Felicity, we're fine. 热成像系统显示所有人还在建筑内 Ok, thermal imaging reads everyone's still inside, 但他们去了不同的方向 but they've gone in different directions. 我没事 I'm good. 去找阿纳托利 我去找迪亚兹 快去 Find Anatoly! I've got Diaz! Go! 当然 大哥 Sure thing, hoss. 我就知道会这样 I knew this would happen. 为什么 Why? 和奥利弗合作 就意味着会有麻烦 We work with Oliver, we get in trouble. 那家伙是个行走的死亡陷阱 The guy's a walking death trap. 你觉得是谁教他什么叫陷阱 Who do you think taught him about traps? 站住 Stop! 天哪你真执着 真是烦人 God, you're persistent. It's annoying. 混蛋 The son of a bitch. 黛娜 不要 Dinah, no! 劳蕾尔 劳蕾尔 Laurel. Laurel. 威廉 威廉 往后退 孩子 William. William, back away, son. 你儿子不会想要你这样做 Your son wouldn't want you to do this.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Arrow-06-13-18.html