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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第13集 第17期

你倒更相信他们 over people you do business with? 我同意俄国佬说的 I'm with the Russian. 我认为这些家伙为了拯救他们的城市 I think these guys would do anything 什么事都做得出来 to save their precious city. 我不相信任何人的话 迪亚兹先生 I don't trust anyone's word, Mr. Diaz. 我只信任数据和信息 I put my faith in data, information. 二进制数据从不说谎 Ones and zeroes never lie. 这是你们之一背叛我的证据 Here's digital proof that one of you has betrayed me. 威廉 求你赶紧离开那里 Oh, William, please just get out of there. 你们谁都不知道 None of you know... 失去自己儿子的感受 what it feels like to lose a son. 就像失去了一部分自己 A piece of yourself gone. 一部分肢体变成了幻肢 It's like a phantom limb. 不 比那感觉更糟 No, it's worse than that. 感觉像是失去了一部分灵魂 It's like a piece of your soul lost 就像它从没存在过一样 as if it had never been there. 消失了 不 我一直提醒我自己 Lost. No, stop. I keep reminding myself that 我并没有失去我的儿子 I have not lost my son. 他只是从我身边被带走了 He's been taken from me. 你快失控了 Hey... you're losing it. 你的悲痛正使你疯狂 Your grief, it's making you crazy. 也许真是这样 What if it has? 看看他的样子 Just look at him. 他想将这屋里所有的人置于死地 He wants to kill everyone in this room. 做好逃跑的准备 Just be ready to move. 好了 去你的吧 是我 Ok, screw this. It was me! 是我杀了你儿子 I did it. 惊喜吧 我就是那个凶手 Surprise. I'm the one who did it. 是我杀了你那愚蠢的儿子 I killed your stupid kid. -我的天 -怎么了 - oh, my god. - what? 刚才的三分钟 凯登的引爆装置 For the past 3 minutes, Cayden's detonator 散发出7万6千赫兹频率的磁场 Has been emitting a 76-gigahertz field. 现已达到峰值 Now it's spiking. 这代表什么 What does this mean? 这说明炸弹出了问题 It means there's something wrong with the bomb.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180713/Arrow-06-13-17.html